Kenneth Jay Lane Mermaid of Fantasy and A Film

Don't Look Now

I love finding out the history or dates of jewelry that I’ve run across. As a visual anthropology doctor, what photographs and film reveal about societies is endlessly appealing.  In this case I would like to focus on a piece I sold and found in a classic film. I sold this early 70s jewels of fantasy mermaid brooch by Kenneth Jay Lane to one of my favorite fashion industry clients…. Imagine our surprise after I researched it, and found that a version of the brooch by KJL was used in the 1973 film Don’t Look Now with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie (whose wardrobe rocked in the film). Worn by actress Clelia Matania. It’s sort of a reoccurring theme.

It could symbolize his daughter or just add that iconic imagery the film needed. The piece appears on Clelia, sister of the psychic who warns Donald’s character over and over. Also reminiscent of European antique mermaid examples, but one things for sure, it is a stunning piece by a design master.