Fashion Polar Vortex: Accessories, Street Style, Fashion Celebs and NYFW 2015

Love this NYFW-Fall/Winter 2015 street style image by Hannan Saleh. So very Fashion week meets Sex in the City.....

Love this NYFW-Fall/Winter 2015 street style image by Hannan Saleh. So very Fashion week meets Sex in the City…..

With the what feels like longest February ever, which still has not totally thawed and a freezing fashion week behind us in New York, I wanted to do a post on all of the looks caught via Hannan Saleh’s lens.  Not just the current and coming trends, but the creative looks seen on the streets during this NYFW FW 2015. She snapped the style of well known attendees, from bloggers, editors to models- like Man Repeller, Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment, Susie Bubble, Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar, Eva Chen of Lucky, Gigi Hadid, as well as Zanna Roberts Rassi and Nina Garcia as they zipped in and out of the shows. Too many really, to list, but you will recognize many fashion faces below! Hannan is becoming known for her street fashion photos. She has a keen eye and is a quick shot. There are definitely lots of winter colors, coats, bags, scarves, glasses, shoes and hat inspiration. These ideas can most definitely be used as we ride out the last cold weeks of winter into spring. And the bags and sunglasses well, those are fair game all year!

Hannan Saleh, street style image.

Hannan Saleh, street style image.





Not to mention most of those accessories can be applied next winter, as the looks worn by many were in the spirit of the season being shown on the runways aka Fall/Winter 2015. Besides, The Cut, just awarded their best looks to winners and gave out the peacock award, so it seemed like there was a window to talk street style again! I’ve tried to compile a series of her images, that I know you’ll enjoy and items I’d love to wear. (*All images Hannan Saleh, rights reserved). They capture perfectly the spirit of New York fashion week -so without further ado- Who would you choose for best accessories? Hit the Continue Reading link below to see the complete slideshow!


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Accessorizing YSL + Halston: FIT NYC Offers Up a Iconic Fashion Story





With 1970s style in the air for spring and a bit of winter 2015, it seems to be the ideal time to linger and appreciated the iconic founders of some of these easy chic styles. Yves Saint Laurent + Halston, Fashioning the 70s opened at The museum at FIT, during this fashion week and runs until April 18th, 2015.  Two of the most important names influencing fashion at this time; Yves Saint Laurent and Halston are being examined. From the lighting, to the concave glass , stands, creamy backdrop and metal curtain details; the show really does a great job of displaying the clothing and yes, accessories created by the designers.

YSL and Halston dresses exhibited together. Sarara Couture image.

YSL and Halston dresses exhibited together. Sarara Couture image.

The FIT collection holds some of the most noteworthy examples from each designer laid out by dates with a focus on the 1970s collections.  There are some items and discourse of years that led up to and a bit after the 1970s, allowing for one to really evaluate the designs. They play with some similarities the designer shared, at different moments in their careers… At points you find yourself checking the credits, was it Halston or YSL? Perhaps FIT’s museum best summarizes it by saying:

“All of the nearly 100 objects on view within the exhibition are drawn exclusively from The Museum at FIT’s permanent collection. With such narrow parameters—two designers and one museum collection—the exhibition is decidedly not a survey of 1970s fashion, nor is it a retrospective of each designer’s work. Instead, it is a curatorial exploration, a re-evaluation of Saint Laurent and Halston set within the larger cultural landscape of the dreamy, indolent, sexy 1970s” (The Museum at FIT).

Exhibit section view/ YSL items to the left and mostly Halston gowns to the right. Sarara

Exhibit section view/ YSL items to the left and mostly Halston gowns to the right. Sarara

While, what you see mostly come from the museum’s vast archive, including an important Halston collection, various noteworthy clients, editors and the like have donated pieces. Credits are displayed under each outfit….. Also, In the spirit of the Fashion Institute of Technology, when you walk inside, they first treat you to a mini educational exhibit of the history of the fake. This enlightens and reminds us all just how long fakes, authorized copies and the like have been part of fashion history, with copies of Vionnet, Chanel and Paul Pioret’s during the 1920s on display.  Great section for collectors and sellers to review.

View of educational video screen on display at the Faking it exhibit.

View of educational video screen on display at the Faking it exhibit. Image Sarara Couture.

Once you journey to the lower level and main exhibit, so to speak, the elevator opens to a creamy white hallway with disco ball glass lighting reflecting on the timeline. Here the graph joins the history of the two designers before you walk into the main exhibit.

YSL/ Halston timeline featured in the outer area of the exhibit. Sarara Couture.

YSL/ Halston timeline featured in the outer area of the exhibit. Sarara Couture.

Once inside the viewer takes in the shared inspirations of the designers, including menswear and non-Western cultures. Yet, those who know the works of both designers well, will also enjoy the way the exhibit highlights each distinct perspective. As a wearer and appreciator of YSL clothing, there were a few pieces that made me want to cry with joy.  Of course, I would love to add the perfect Halston gown to my wardrobe and the exhibit serves up many drool worthy examples.  At this point, rather than do an analysis of YSL and Halston, which has been done via FIT and their exhibit. I wanted to focus in on the belts, jewelry, hats and complete looks that inspired me. Also, the post won’t spoil as much for those who have yet to attend the exhibit.  However; just in case one becomes overwhelmed by the large assortment of fashion history once inside, this post should help you focus in a bit on the accessories as well.

1976 YSL, Cape, part of an ensemble. French. Wool, velveteen, nylon. Sarara Couture image, rights reserved.

1976 YSL, Cape, part of an ensemble. French. Wool, velveteen, nylon. Sarara Couture image, rights reserved.


Halston’s 1974 floor length sequin gown. Sarara Couture image.

I really enjoyed the effort the curators made to create complete looks and which highlighted how important the original fashion accessories created at the time were to the designs. While focusing on the Yves Saint Laurent accessories and jewelry by Elsa Peretti for Halston was at moments overshadowed by garments such as Halston’s sexy chic 1974 sequin gown- concentrate, I did!


1967 YSL African evening dress, stunning iconic example which make it hard to focus on anything!

Vintage fashion image of Twiggy in 1967 YSL African dress.

Era fashion image of Twiggy in a 1967 YSL African dress.


A Look at Original Accessories and Jewelry In Context/ Identification Guide: 


YSL Rive Gauche 1977, “Peasant outfit”. Sarara Couture images throughout.


Closeup belt image.

1976 "Russian" YSL hat. Sarara Couture image.

1976 “Russian” YSL hat.


Gift of Lauren Bacall, 1968 Rive Gauche tassel belt. This piece makes me more excited to see the Fit Lauren Bacall exhibit coming in March.


Built in accessories via Halston's 1982 embellished dress.

Built in accessories via Halston’s 1982 embellished dress.


Black velvet coolie style hat, 1977. Part of YSL’s “Chinese” inspired ensemble.


Definitely a favorite look, 1972 jersey Halston floor length caftan and Elsa Peretti sterling “vessel” necklace, 1975 on silk cord.

elsaperetti halston

Vintage Elsa Peretti Halston “vessel” necklace ad. Original ad. Image is vintage and not by Sarara Couture.



Full area of Halston caftans, including full view of red piece.


Close up on Elsa Peretti 1971 sterling silver belt.

1977 "Chinese" collection silk, detail of fringe belt. YSL.

1977 “Chinese” collection silk, detail of fringe belt. YSL.

1968 Safari shirt and smaller belt. The larger size circular belt original outfit was photographed by Helmut Newton on Verushka in 1968.

1968 Safari shirt and smaller belt. The larger size circular belt original outfit was photographed by Helmut Newton on Verushka in 1968.

Finally, this noteworthy gilt 1968 Chanel Pate Verre fashion brooch from the Faking it exhibit :

IMG_3580 IMG_3578

New York Fashion Week F/W2015: Runway Accessories and Street Jewelry

Leanne Marshall FW2015

Fall/Winter NYFW 2015 Leanne Marshall. Image by Sarara Couture.

This time of year in New York sends designers, stylist, photographers, jewelry designers and beyond into a flurry of activity. I look forward to fashion week for many reasons, but I cannot wait to get a look at the accessories both on the runway and street!  I love the way each designer pulls their final looks together in the essence of the coming season, with the help of these adornments. Sometimes minimal, and other times an explosion of creativity and attitude.

Street style look featuring the bright accents and gold jewelry. Image Sarara Couture.

It was indeed freezing outside this time, but I wanted to brave the cold and snap a few shots of those accessorized street looks. The dipping temperatures made fashion lovers get a little more creative about their looks, but there was still plenty of style out there. I saw funky brightly colored accents in the form of fur and key chains, colorful handbags, gold accessories, and great sunglasses. Lots of belted coats, some chic leather belt style bags (Marc Jacobs did this on the runway as well), rich neutrals and camels colors too. 


Anthony Villegas, fashion blogger- Of Mice and Menswear turned up the style showing a pop of red and a great bag/keychain combo. Sarara Couture image.

Inside on the runway, we saw statement earrings, incarnate via the one earring styles at both Tibi and Donna Karen, as well as modern stacked rings. Viking accessories Anna Sui style, were fun and layered. There were fur trimmed bags, gold accents in the form of deco Mary Jane style heels at Michael Kors (actually we saw Mary Janes again at Jeremy Scott). Alexander Wang experimented with punk goth spikes, black platforms and silver accents. Square heels were all over F/W 2015, hats seem to be making a comeback, Joseph Altuzarra did saddle bags and fringe, Jeremy Scott kept it vibrant and graphic. We saw pop art references via bags and clothing -a style which I shot on Misha as she exited a show. 


Misha Janette- fashion director/stylist, Popular Tokyo based fashion personality with a unique fun take on style. Sarara Couture image.

Stephanie Unter

Stylist on the move- Stephanie Unter. Sarara Couture image.


Sarara Couture image. Street style. Love the belt.


Nyle Fisher, style editor, of New York Stylist brings a pop of red and illustrated the chicly belted coat trend.

Street Style shot. Sarara

Street Style shot. Sarara


Leanne Marshall attendee brought a fun print combo in the form of her backpack to NYFW 2015.

So, how can you spice up your wardrobe using runway styles and street accessories?

Bridal accessories ideas like Leanne Marshall’s Celtic modern princess style golden hair pieces are inspiring.  They offer a romantic modern touch. Contact Leanne Marshall for information. Seeing her dresses in person as they walked down the runway was a bit like being in a fashion cloud in heaven. I cannot say enough about the ethereal gowns.

Leanne Marshall runway

Leanne Marshall finale. Image Sarara Couture.


Anna Sui showed her bohemian chic easy style with long layered lush textured accessories and Viking inspired accents. The length of the necklaces were a bit of a nod to the art deco accessory, layers, etc which are making a return. Erickson Beamon who does Anna’s jewelry, used various earthy beaded elements and natural colored accents. I love that Anna Sui’s current F/W 2015 collection can be worn with these styles or vintage beads. Her stuff works well with vintage jewelry, which I do love! Anna herself often can be seen wearing vintage bangles and jewelry. Bonus, the “forehead Viking tattoos at the show and the hats!”…


View image | Tibi F/W 2015. Notice that one big gold earring.

I think my favorite trend which is easily applicable, is the one statement earrings or mixing two different stud shapes in the same color like gold or silver. My favorite was, what we saw with Donna Karan and Lynn Ban- stacking tough but chic modern silver accessories. Lynn Ban’s jewelry is fresh and modern, but also fashion based. She’s one to watch as she continues to adorn the bodies of rockstars, singing divas and icons. You won’t be disappointed if you try her stuff, because you can easily make her pieces work on a every daily level. Instead of 5 rings do 1 or two. Pick a piece like her armor ring. Stack them at will… These pieces for Donna Karan also had a great matte darkened silver tone and this adds to their appeal-they come out with DK’s line soon. I think in some ways this coming year is about modern lines in jewerly with the ability to keep the stacking trend which has been ongoing. In some ways it feels unisex but still sexy. Note: Lynn also stunned using golden examples! If you are interested, Net-A-Porter is carrying these for instant gratification.  

lynn ear cuff back stage DK

Image courtesy of Lynn Ban. Donna Karen FW2015.


Image courtesy of Lynn Ban. Donna Karen FW2015. Close up of the ear cuffs. These appeared on all of her models in both gold and this matte aged modern silver color.

I also think all of these vibrant details and colorful tights we saw during fashion week F/W 2015, really are hinting at 1980s accessories aesthetic, gaining even more strength as a trend. Spring 2015 was a 60s-70s, and Fall Winter was supposed to be more about a 70s silhouette. I will say I saw that, but I must stand by the decidedly late 70s-early 80s vibe of the accessories. The use of gold as a jewelry during the 1980s feeds into these styles for 2015.  How can you get the look so to speak? One can have fun with these tights and square heels. If the altered or colorful tight trend isn’t working for you, go for the 80s gold style jewelry or shoes with modern metallic accents. I think this version of the 80s we are seeing is a sleeker take with pops of color. The accessories are a nod to the 80s in some ways but modern. Like the purse accessories idea? Pile on a fun purse key chain in a color you like. It’s removable and interchangeable. If you are more adventures get a graphic text style bag, like we saw on the runway or Misha. Vintage wise you can be sure that the 80s gold big earrings and necklace are on trend. You can even get a large gold dangle vintage version and wear only one.

Finally, last but not least, fanny pack fans may have something to be happy about too. Marc Jacobs and I beg you to throw yours away and put on his mod, clean lined versions. I think this is a very easy accessory trend to do over your winter coat.


Image courtesy of Lynn Ban. Donna Karen FW2015. See the link for the lighter silver version on


Image courtesy of Lynn Ban. Donna Karen FW2015.

Lynn Ban DK 2015

14k Gold ear cuff image courtesy of Lynn Ban.

View image | Colorful inspiration and an 80s spirit walked the runway at Jeremy Scott in the form of the prints. Even the accessories had that flair.  If this look is a bit adventures for you, take the cue and use a vibrant graphic bag that appeals to you or colorful print coat.

Fred Leighton: The Oscars and Fashionably Fine Jewelry

Antique Snake Cuff

Stunning French intertwined serpent cuff worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal to the Golden Globes this year. Dates to the late 19th century.

When one thinks of Fred Leighton, a New York landmark, glamour should come to mind. While they have a retail presence online, from 1stdibs to Net-A-Porter, nothing quite does it for a girl or (guy for that matter) like gazing at the babbles from inside their lovely chic salon on Madison Avenue. The crisp glass jewelry cases are organized, in general, by eras. Each one is carefully arranged over the rich art deco back drop of some of the shop’s original architecture.

Fred Leighton

Fred Leighton salon image, Sarara Couture.


Their collection spans from Georgian jewelry to current pieces that they custom design.  Fred Leighton, the boutique, began it’s story in the 1970s, mixing eclectic fashions. The namesake fine estate jewelry store opened officially in 1984. Murray Mondschein purchased the original store, Fred Leighton, in the 70s and made it his own by adding the jewelry selection, which gave birth to a jewelry dynasty. When Murray (who changed his name to Fred Leighton) retired the Kwait family purchased the store, with Greg, who is very involved, leading the helm today.  The brand continues to exude exceptional taste with a touch of old Hollywood allure and offers a wide range of quality examples.  This style has kept them fresh and led to a collection that continues to attract jewelry lovers, stylists, and editors worldwide.

Meryl Streep at the Oscars in 2003 wearing a stunning emerald necklace from Fred Leighton. Now featured in the exhibit the Maker & Muse. Women & Early 20th Century Art Jewelry. c.1910.

This time of year they consult with stylists who are selecting special pieces for the most influential red carpet of the year, The Oscars.  The shop provided it’s first piece of jewelry worn to the Oscars in the 1990s, to Nicole Kidman, an vintage Australian Opal choker.  The rest is history. They were so gracious to see me this week, and offer us access to some items that have been worn on the red carpet before, as well as fine fashion examples with an editorial appeal. As the blog’s focus is fashion jewelry and accessories I was interested, in also seeing these stylish fine fashionable examples.

As discussed in the post about fashion jewelry/ textual resources, fine jewelry has had it’s design moments, which have led to pieces that have been influenced by fashion and vintage designer jewelry itself. Fred Leighton has some superior fine estate examples, which are also easily translatable today.  For the newest selection visit the store and ask for the talented buyer Dana or Lindsey (PR), who was our guide into their shiny world. While you are there, you may also see Rebecca Selva (the talent behind many reinterpreted red carpet jewelry designs) fluttering around, working on her next project. As chief creative director, she continues to help fashion the image and feel of the stores selection with grace.

They offered us a first hand peek at past Oscar looks, current Oscar/red carpet worthy glam pieces, and suitable examples influenced by fashion during my visit to the salon. So, if inspiration is what you need and you can’t wait until this Sunday for the Oscars…. we’ve got it, enjoy the glam ride. Here are past looks and current possibilities-

Some of My Favorite Past Oscars Jewelry Picks from Fred Leighton’s Salon:

View image | Rebecca Selva converted the collar/hairband used by Natalie Portman in the 2005 Oscars. The mid to late 1800s piece was made into a headband for Natalie Portman to wear.
Jennifer Aniston. Oscars 2014, wearing converted Rebbeca Selva, Fred Leighton dress clips as earrings.
View image | Madonna 1998 Oscars. Fred Leighton jewelry.


Taraji Henson at the Oscars in 2009. Wearing a necklace from Fred Leighton.


2009 Oscars image of Amy Adams in a stunning vintage collar from Fred Leighton.
View image | Nicole Kidman, 2011 Oscars. Wearing Fred Leighton necklace.

Maggie Gyllenhaal 2010 Oscars bracelet. She wore various Leighton pieces. This 1950s brooch featured a 67 carat emerald. It was converted into a bracelet by the store and Rebecca Selva. Up close it is such an amazing piece. Available at Fred Leighton, 773 Madison Avenue.

Maggie Gyllenhaal 2010 Oscars bracelet. She wore various Leighton pieces that evening. This 1950s brooch featured a 67 carat emerald. It was converted into a bracelet by the store and Rebecca Selva. Up close it is such an amazing piece. Available at Fred Leighton, 773 Madison Avenue.

Here are some of the Oscar worn and red carpet worthy pieces that I found in the salon, which will give you a clue to the styles that may be worn Sunday at the Oscars. This includes closeups of Maggie’s 2010 Oscar worn diamond bracelet. Fred Leighton has quite a few pieces that will actually be worn this year and as they are revealed we will update this post Sunday. (What are your favorites? Please feel free to comment below.)

50s diamond earrings

1950s 12 carat diamond earrings. Available at Fred Leighton.

1700s earrings

1750s 18K gold amethyst earrings. Over 3″ long. Available at Fred Leighton.

1940s-50s diamond brooch

1950s diamond brooch with detachable earrings. Fred Leighton.

Custom Leighton Piece

Fred Leighton Oscars

Maggie Gyllenhaal worn 2010 Oscar bracelet. Converted 1950s emerald brooch bracelet, Contact Fred Leighton for more information.


vintage Cartier

1920s Cartier bracelet, Fred Leighton via the Madison avenue shop.

antique dollar

Antique necklace in the window of the Madison avenue shop.

Fashionable fine jewelry examples from the salon, that would fit into any editorial shoot: 

Vogue Sept 2010 cover

One of my all time favorite Vogue covers shows the editorial- fashion jewelry cross over that they have. Sept 2010. I saved this one in my archives! 1920s diamonds. Fred Leighton. Scan of the cover.


60s-70s 18K Tiffany necklace. Fred Leighton

60s-70s 18K Tiffany necklace. Fred Leighton. This was one of my personal favorites.


Fred Leighton. Contact for more information about the necklace.


Art deco star pins with what appears to be the original era trumpet clasp. Would be amazing earrings! Contact Fred Leighton for pricing and info.


Van Cleef & Arpels 1950s 18K gold and diamond clutch


Contact Fred Leighton for pricing and info.


And the Academy Awards Worn Jewelry 2015 from Fred Leighton:


Via Fred Leighton’s instagram. All shown below, but Nicole Kidman are wearing Leighton pieces at the Oscars 2015.


Warby Parker Eyeglasses- Different Shades of You.


Crystal Sunglasses with Hazelnut, via Warby Parker.

I’m in a bit of a new affair with Warby Parker, a socially conscious eye glass company with fashionable and modern frame designs and a decidedly vintage appeal. Their “buy a pair, give a pair” philosophy is really quite inspiring. There is something very “American sporty” about it all! With stores in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, Boston and beyond they are also becoming easily accessible. Their vintage roots, available colors and instant attitude are appealing to me. By instant “attitude”, I mean the designs have personality, you can use them as an accessory. To me some of the glasses say: well traveled French literature student, others speak the language of a sexy Clark Kent and in another, I see a stylish hard working accessories editor on the run…


To celebrate their five year anniversary, they are launching their new “half decade” collection today. The 5 designs are the first ones they ever created, newly resurrected- well 5.5 styles exactly, but you can check that out on their site via this link.  Plus, I enjoy the quality of construction ( Part of the frame materials are sourced from a 150 year old Italian company) and the pricing is easier on the wallet than you would think. When they asked me to create a look to celebrate, it was  a fun challenge. Here is my favorite style from their half decade collection – the Wiloughby.  I paired it with my new dream jean, these star jeans by Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler PS1 backpack and Eva Fehren diamond earrings for a photo worthy street style look.


Possibly my favorite accessories find from their site are the sunnies, which at times feels like Marilyn Monroe hitting the beach in the 1950s, with a bit of today’s gal. Take a look at the Banks or Reilly and you’ll get what I mean.  The best news for the opposite sex is that they have so many options for men (both sunglasses and eye glasses) and many are unisex.   Here is a taste of the various ways you can express yourself.



Warby Parker sunglasses. Banks.


Quimby in green via Warby, Yes they have another color.




Explore the modern aesthetic of the working urbanite and her repertoire of powerful accessories. These are the memoirs of a modern creative, living in the urban jungle.  From an evening art opening to fashion insider party. Photographed by Hannan Saleh. Hair Stylist and Makeup: Alex Allen. Stylist: Rachel Anne. Model: Huijun Zhang. Hope you enjoy our accessories and jewelry eye candy!

Hannan Saleh, Editorial/Vintage JewelryJewelry Editorial



editorialWLanvin AM1



Find: Super Chanel Runway Cuffs Via Katy Kane

Okay, so at the weekly finds we focus on accessories that make us dream, deals, couture and whatever inspires. The fashion accessories that blew my mind this week were : a pair of runway Chanel cuffs in leather and metal listed by veteran shop Katy Kane on 1stdibs.

Katy’s client attended haute couture shows regularly in the 80s and 90s and purchased these right off of the runway. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than these! Right now the 1980s vintage designer accessories are picking up steam with collectors and wearers showing renewed interest. The big golden CC and powerful look are a no brainer for the Chanel lover.

You can see them linked here for more info.


Katy Kane image, via her 1stdibs storefront. You can shop them here.