Sunday Jewelry Report Card, Italian Style with the Work of Mario Salvucci

It’s the end of the weekend again and to help take your mind off of the impending threat of Monday, we are bringing you our report card pick. The blog has chosen the work of jewelry artist and designer Mario Salvucci! Mario’s instagram is an interesting blend of beautiful deep hues of navy blacks combined with images of his everyday Italian life and inspirations. His fashion/jewelry images often look like Italian paintings and never cease to inspire.  In this rhythm, one also finds the occasional quirky post, which makes his instagram account one to enjoy and follow. He has experience in lighting and decor design as well, which also makes his perspective unique.   His jewelry is whimsical and modern, yet a bit industrial and raw.

If you love insect jewelry, look no further as his incredible creatures collection explores a personal favorite of mine, spider jewelry, among scorpions, mantis and others. They have an architectural and tactile feel. The pieces are made by his hand in Italy, from 100% recycled sterling and indulge in the inspiration he finds in nature.  His other new pieces have deep grey finishes, organic subjects, and modern geometric incarnations.

Mario has been making jewelry for over thirty years, first beginning as a line in the USA in 1985. His was work carried in major department stores and in fashion magazines.  In the 90s, he took a hiatus from jewelry and became involved in the interior and lighting design world. He recently returned to his love of jewelry in 2011, with the launch of this new line.  As such, he is new to the scene again and somewhat under valued on instagram!  He regularly displays in New York in person, and I was lucky enough to meet and purchase the spider necklace from Mario. He has a calm sweet demeanor and I look forward to seeing more of his new work. So without further ado let’s explore his A++ jewelry.

Favorite shots from Instagram:

Pieces we covet:


*All images from Mario’s website and instagram feed, rights reserved to him.

Sunday Funday with the Jewelry of Annelise Michelson

Each Sunday we pick a jewelry or accessories minded shop or instagram account and give them our jewelry report card!  It’s that time again… so grab a glass of wine and join us in France… The instagram account that most inspired us this week belongs to A++ jewelry designer Annelise Michelson.  Firstly, Annelise’s work walks that line we love the most; that feminine, natural, yet tough strut.  Her designs are sculptural works…organic, but modern and at times as appear as hard as steel.

“Although she was trained to sketch, Annelise feels her way through each piece, moulding, sculpting and draping rough materials to create collections that live in her mind for months and years like obsessions before they are produced”.(

Her pieces are really in synch with fashion today as well, but also with the female body and its strengths. Her training was done at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris, which eventually led her to jewelry design. We are currently obsessed with the sea leaf ring, earrings and the whole freaking “algae” collection.  Each piece is made in France, in limited quantities which also makes them special. Her client list is impressive, ranging from Carine Roitfeld to Alexa Chung among others. You can find her work now in Bergdorf Goodman and Fivestory among other places throughout the world. 

Why is her instagram account so alluring? Well, you will find a clean, inspiring palette which includes travel photography, her sculptural jewelry, newly arriving items, and beautiful pieces on beautiful people…@annelisemichelson follow her, you are welcome!

We’ve chosen our favorites from her online shop below. 

*All images belong to Annelise via her webshop or instagram account.

Jewelry Report Card:The Enchanted Jewels of Anabela Chan

Sunday’s jewelry report card is a time when we crown our favorite instagram jewelry themed account of the week. We look at influencers, artists… as well as stylists and jewelers. This week the work of Anabela Chan really blew our minds!  Her luxurious approach to the pieces, lush sense of color and how she relates nature to jewelry made our editor Sara swoon.  The pieces are ethically sustainable and fun! Plus, they have a fashion element to them.  She trained as an architect and worked in the sphere of fashion for Alexander McQueen. Anabela grew up in London and Paris and was trained at the world-renowned Royal College of Art and Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Using ethical lab grown stones she challenges the industries notions.

I want to create magical, fun and fabulous jewels that tell stories. We champion fine jewellery with ethical lab-grown gemstones that share the unrivalled beauty and optical qualities of natural gemstones.  Sustainable, cultured gemstones reduces the human and environmental toll by without destructive use of mining and untraceable provenance.

My pieces combine the magic of high jewellery with a modern wearability and ethical sustainability; with a joyful playfulness reminiscence of our childhood dreams.  It is about offering inspiring, beautifully-crafted jewels with longevity; works of art that are worn, loved and treasured forever.”     Anabela Chan

We chose her instagram account as one to follow, because it is a panorama of beautiful inspirational color and whimsey. Her themes include botanical and wild references such as butterflies. Anabela is one to watch, as she has acquired quite a list of prestigious awards in terms of the jewelry community, but is also being discovered by celebrities and the fashion industry. Rita Ora and Rihanna among others, have worn her jewelry and her work has been shown in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, W magazine….

Her account wows us with color and personal inspiration. To be honest one should get her jewelry while they can because her prices are sure to go up in the future. It was so hard to decide what our favorites were- some were already sold out, but we have complied a list below.   Follow her @AnabelaChan

Her are some tantalizing images from her instagram account-



Ham Yard Hotel . Piccadilly Circus .  London . W1D 7AH . +44(0)20 7287 5841 

As any true artist would, she also offers bespoke and commission pieces, as well as more one of a kind examples in her online shop.  

International Design Awards

British Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Awards in Fine Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery 2012, 2013
Gemmological Association of Great Britain Award 2012
Studio William Cutlery Design Gold Award 2012
Sponsored by Swarovski 2012, 2013
ITS Finalist 2012, 2013
Vogue VFDE New Talent Award 2014
*All images via or @anabelachan


Jewelry Report Card: Didier London, the best of art jewelry!


This Sunday’s jewelry report card is a walk through the art jewelry gallery Didier, London.  Each weekend we bringing you our pick for the best online visual jewelry destination on instagram. The accessories accounts we choose also present either a visual feast both on and off instagram or offer unique storefronts as well.   It’s rare that someone excites and surprises us weekly, but this is one such case. Didier’s collection holds works of jewelry art by Calder, Picasso, Man Ray, Louise Nevelson and well beyond. People are catching on too, recent press includes magazines and newspapers. Their jewelry bridges iconic and interesting artist made jewelry pieces of non fine as well as fine material.  I’ve followed them for a little while on instagram, indulging in their posts, which often feature a beautiful model wearing the sculptural works. One such example they have for sale, is a personal favorite of mine created by Italian designer Getulio Alviani. Called “the ear disc” it was photographed in fashion magazines and created in 1965 in aluminum. His jewelry combines technology, architectural, and sculptural aspects. More information via this article link.  


Didier, Ltd recently opened an online storefront, which provides us more access to offerings that they normally show at events like the Winter Antiques Show in New York City. Their gallery, now in Kensington, was originally opened in 2006 by Didier and Martine Haspeslagh. As with the two owners, they also have not one but two instagram destinations. The second is @artistjewel, which we also follow.  Below, is the vintage image of the Arnaldo Pomodoro positive negative rings, followed by the one that Didier, Ltd owns.

Instagram can serve for the jewelry lover, as a place to be surprised, enthralled, and further educated about great jewelry. Didier’s account does just this, as they regularly post images of unique and rare pieces. Their offerings include such spectacular accessories by Harry Bertoia, Karel Appel, Max Ernst and other modern design masters, that it makes it hard to choose what pieces we like best. Below are some snaps of our favorite instagram images from both accounts:



*Images by Didier, London via their online store and instagram account.

Sunday Jewelry Report Card: Tactile Offerings From Charolette Garnett


What if there was jewelry that excited the senses and calmed the anxious fingers?  Well, there is, enter Charolette Garnett. Her instagram and jewelry are the focus of our A++ Sunday jewelry report card rating this week. Just looking at her work, which I stumbled upon via instagram, has me a notch calmer. Not to mention taking all of that out, the pieces are just beautiful and sculptural. Charolette is a British graduate and works out of Alexander McQueen Sarabande studios. She is one to watch in the fashion jewelry art world. Her future seems bright. She combines textures, feelings, and emotion into her rings and other pieces. I have a list started of the jewelry I’d love to have that I am including here. Her instagram account was picked by the blog because, although relatively new, it is extremely visually pleasing. There is also something exciting about following someone who is in a phase of grow and will be producing new ideas for us to partake in. Featured recently in publications like Harper’s Bazaar Brazil and more her audience is on the rise.

New previews of things to come via her instagram account!

Her newest objects of desire mix ebony, 18K, bronze, and resin… These “pebbles are quite magical.

My obsession:

Jewelry Report Card: Adina Mills Power Jewelry


If I ever want to give someone a knuckle sandwich…in a really zen way, I know just what jewelry I am putting on for the occasion… Wonder Woman with a dash of bohemian goddess is the only way I can describe the jewelry of Adina Mills. Chosen by the blogazine for our Sunday jewelry report card, she is our favorite Instagram jewelry or fashion accessories account/shop this week!  I have long been lusting after her pieces and following her colorful yet soothingly powerful Instagram account. Jewelry lovers senses are sure to be awakened with her every lush post.

Image from The Cut interview with Allyson. Follow the link in the image.

Adina has a background in fine art and sculpture and you can tell. Each stone is carefully chosen and placed by hand in an array of exciting natural color combos. Worn by Erykah Badu and Bjork as well as others, maybe the most enjoyable client to watch wearing her goods is: Lily Tomlin as Frankie on the series Grace and Frankie. Her signature jewelry is by none other than Adina. Stylist/ costume designer Allyson Fanger posts fashion, projects, and updates from the show on her account.


Follow the yellow brick road here to join Adina’s Instagram journey. Here is a little taste of what awaits you:

Adina seems to always be creating new one of a kind jewelry art, but here are a few of my current picks:

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*All images belong to Adina Mills via her Instagram account and website.

Jewelry Report Card: The Romantic Lure of a Gold Skull Ring

Like to walk on the edge, like a realist perspective on jewelry? Have we got a ring for you… Read on to find out more about its maker. So, it is Sunday again, time to hand out our report card… the jewelry and accessories variety that is! Chosen by the blogazine, our favorite Instagram jewelry or fashion accessories account/shop this week -(Drum Roll please)- it is the sacred order! The owner serves up a mix of beautiful and darkly romantic pieces of the antique variety, as well as their own gorgeous modern macabre creations. I’ve chosen some of my favorites from their store and instagram account below:

The Sacred Order 14K skull ring available in various sizes.

Sacred Order gold and diamond spider ring.

Antique heart mourning ring. The Sacred Order. Follow the image link.

Sterling Silver Skull ring, The Sacred Order.

Antique Mourning ring via The Sacred Order.

Hope you enjoyed the sacred order and their A++ Instagram account can be followed here.

Some weeks we will choose an accessories moment, influencer, or a great piece in the news….Most of the time we will award a store or bling filled Instagram jewelry account. Our editor Sara will choose her favorite piece of jewelry they’ve posted, worn, or created so far and share the shine on our Instagram account.  Follow us on Instagram as we use the hashtags #jewelryreportcard and #accessoriesreportcard- and tag us and use either to submit accounts for our examination!


  • All photograph is by the sacred order, rights reserved.

Shaun Leane Maker of McQueen’s Armor. Auction and Sale Highlights from His Collection.

Sotheby’s catalogue image.

Classically trained goldsmith Shaun Leane and Alexander McQueen made magic together. I have long admired the fantasy that they created together. The pieces made by Shaun are stunning, oversized, full of whimsy, pain, and pays homage to the idea of armor.   As Alexander McQueen once said,

“I especially like the accessory for its sadomasochistic aspect”…

In one moment all of those intense feelings were expressed via their collaboration during each season. Now with the impending sale of Shaun’s personal archive from the McQueen years, I wanted to revisit his work and some of the iconic pieces that will be presented by the joint Sotheby’s and Kerry Taylor Auctions event.

One of the most interesting quotes concerning how they began comes from an equally great interview via Shaun and hint magazine:

“Lee, how are we going to afford to make jewelry? He said, well we won’t make it in gold. We’ll use other materials like silver or brass or aluminum. If you just apply those skills to other mediums you can create anything. That changed everything for me” (Shaun Leane, hint magazine).  Follow link for more.

They were friends first and both from London, but each embraced the challenge of their work as fashion and art, pushing the boundaries so far that the accessories often held a bit of danger in the wearing of them. Runway pieces took months to complete and models sometimes had to be screwed into their “accessories”.  I admire their work together because they pushed those boundaries, the viewer, and the body to the brink.  I wish I could own every piece. I love how tough they, are as well as how beautifully they armed the wearers. Daphine Guinness describes what it is like to wear his pieces via the Sotheby’s interview about her iconic Shaun made glove which is going to be in this sale:

Whether it be the glove or other accessories, what is it like to wear Shaun’s pieces?
There’s a feeling of being amplified. You’re augmented in the right sense of the word. It is empowering, and I also feel he’s with me. He’s my great friend, and it’s lovely to know I’ve got something of his on me, protecting me like an amulet (Daphine Guinness, via Sephanie Sporn for Sotheby’s). Follow the link for the complete interview.

Here is a quick list of my favorites from the upcoming December auction. All images from the Sotheby’s catalogue-


Sundays are for Jewelry Report Cards: The best statement pieces via Eleuteri

1950s fine Indian ring available at Eleuteri New York.

So we’ve decided to divulge our report card… the jewelry and accessories variety that is! We are the first to use the hashtags #jewelryreportcard and #accessoriesreportcard- so let’s do this.  The blog will be bringing some sparkle to your Sunday morning coffee or evening glass of wine, with a post on our favorite Instagram jewelry or fashion accessories account we love or the moment of the week. Our editor Sara will choose her favorite piece of jewelry they’ve posted, worn, or created so far and share the shine. Eleuteri was an easy pick to be our first report card and they get an A++.  “I like their pieces because that are whimsical and the scale is larger. The 50s Indian ring about is another favorite, and the snake they posted on Instagram below is beyond fabulous”, Sara.

Family run Italian business Eteuteri’s Instagram image of a fab antique diamond snake necklace.

We are starting with Eleuteri, a family business, which is a wealth of jewelry eye candy. Follow the links to read more about their history. This store now based in New York with the original headquarters in Rome, they use social media to wow with post like this antique snake to die for:

Explore the collection

We need your help to identify the best moments of the week, your favorite accounts… Please comment or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag and tell us what account or person’s jewelry skills have inspired you that week. #jewelryreportcard:

Excited to be the home of this hashtag. Stay tuned for more each Sunday!

Selena Gomez Is Seriously Obsessed With Hoop Earrings, And We Heart It!


selena gomez hoop earrings accessory jewelry style

Images from Selena’s instagram feed.

The internet is on fire again this time with the news that Selena Gomez split from The Weeknd after 10-months. That’s about…three years in Hollywood. And what’s more, there is an unconfirmed rumor that she’s getting back together with Justin Bieber. Is it true?? We’ll let the web sort it out. One thing we’re sure about though is that while her relationship status and boyfriend might change, her commitment to the hoop earring is strong! We couldn’t help but notice, of course, that it’s the one accessory she’s always working into her looks and we think it’s cool that hoop earrings are her thing. And appreciate her commitment to them through thick and thin.

So here are some of our picks inspired by Selena Gomez and her hoop-la.

Danielle Rose Bean. Handcrafted Hoops


3″ Samira Hoop by Jennifer Fischer Jewelry.

Sarara Couture Steel Cut Victorian Dangle Earrings 


Gorjana G Ring Hoops 

Sarara Couture Oversized Chanel Door Knocker Quilted Earrings


Luv AJ Pave Kite Statement Hoops

Simply Vera Vera Wang Square C Hoop Earrings