Accessories Talk: It’s all in Your Head

Sita at Yeezy. Rachel G photo.

That’s a wrap. Another fashion week in New York comes to a close. February 2017 was quite a trip for the eyes. Rich, overdone, embellished, and yes accessorized. From the Nicholas K runway collection to Georgine, it was clear that gold and metallic was in the cards….I don’t think the athleisure /street/ punk/grunge influences have gone anywhere either, as alluded to on the runways (Desigual,Hakan Akkaya, Nicole Miller), although a few have gone decidedly militant.

Rachel Guillaume NYFW Feb 2017, shot for us. All images on the streets by RG unless otherwise identified.

There was a nod to the overdone 80s and embellishment in all forms. Rich hues and deep red tones were sometimes dotted with earthy carmels…. Oversized layers and off shoulder looks allowed for belt play. Lots of large furs in a kaleidoscope of colors seemed to be everywhere. Overall, pink, black,metallics, red, gold, black and white, and well just an exuberant 80s use of the color white.  Yes, 1990s florals in velvety rich combinations were on designer’s runways everywhere…… Anna Sui, who was an originator of some of these looks (let’s not forget), brought new incarnations in her show which did not disappoint.

Libertine, highly accessorized spider web jacket.

Mixed prints, embellishments, “jewelry clothing” and textures made my review of this week a little fashion drunk, I blame you Libertine. Libertine had what I call jewelry packing its own clothing. It was so embellished and shiny, the accessories were tailored into the garment!  Their show was one of my favorites and I feel a sick need for that hand coat dress….

Overall, there seem to be a dual personality: on one end we have the soft, velvets, flowers, and the other the hard, black leather, studs, tailored atheleisure sweats, gym bags as handbags… Maybe this is more realistic, in terms of how the style of real people exists. With many layers and incarnations.

Jeremy Scott Headdress. Phone image. NYFW the shows.

Yet, the vintage drama queen in me loved Chocheng’s 40s Noir setup, the old hollywood glamour of Badgley Mischka and the decidedly classic showgirl style of Jeremy Scott’s head gear. At the Blonds there was also a bit of the showgirl vibes in the sequin jumpers that came with a dash of Grace Jones! However, let’s get back to hair jewelry because it is sure to continue to please….and yes it was on the streets too. Jeremy please send the gorgeous headdress here to the showroom #WANT.

Jeremy Scott Feb 2017, phone shot from live NYFW coverage online.

What Tales the Streets Had to Tell:

I am always surprised, for some unknown reason how much photo time we devote each NYFW to the sunglass habit. I don’t know why I am taken aback, considering I use mine all the time…. I even try to make them a constant headband. I truly need help. So, there were definitely a lot of sunnies out there and some pretty examples. Playful bags point to a probability, that next season will also be a highly pop art adorned, embroidered, textured, and colorful extravaganza. It’s definitely all in your head, well on the head this month! Attention was definitely paid to hair too, in all of its wide variety of hues.  The hair game was key and I think we saw head gear/jewelry beginning to really take off (even though we saw some last season) with more bands, crowns, headdresses both on and off the runway.


Giovanna Englebert.

Natalie Joos in a fun and comfortable looking set up.


Zanna in her kicks and leopard. Lots of leopard used in many attendees street style outfits.

Gucci bags are still going strong outside the runways. Lots of dyed fur. Rachel Guillaume photo.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Outside Coach, New York Fashion week. Feb 2017.

Street style outside Yeezy. Feb 2017. Loving that Chanel Bag!

Coach bags, street style. Feb 2017.

Closeup on the bags and shoes, Feb 2017.


Rachel Zoe really kept a sort of Hollywood Glamour to her looks. Love these earrings!

Giovanna accessorizing her legs in dot tights.

More modern geometric and colorful earring example were found and these are also appearing even more in the editorials.

Hair jewelry via Chiara at Coach.

Political messages in the form of fashion. We saw quite a few of these t-shirts and accessories. It was nice to see some definite gal power out there.

In my mind this is Debbie Harry #fan. If someone knows who this stylish New York we snapped is for sure let me know. The hat is cool as ice.

Paris and Nicky at Oscar.

Leomie Anderson, Adesuwaaighewi, Duckie Thot giving us a crew to be reckoned with.

Chiara at Jeremy Scott.

Outside Jeremy Scott. Feb 2017. Rachel Guillaume photo.

Menswear on the streets. Yeezy. RacheGuillaume photo.

What appears to be a vintage Moschino belt caught on the streets. Feb 2017. Rachel Guillaume photo.

Ending street style with a girl squad who gave us something to chew on and well were very well accessorized. Fashion week Feb 2017. Rachel Guillaume photo.


What I am personally taking from this season, is some courage to go back to mixed textiles, patterns, and colors. In my home I use this credo and my closet is full of texture and color waiting for a reason to get out. This can seem tricky, but what’s life without some color.  Also, the geometric earrings in larger sizes are really flattering (Annie Costello Brown). I don’t think it’s about the brand logo. Gucci is having a moment, but even in their embroidered clothing its not all about the label text. Right now you can get away with casual finds, abused denim, artist made jewelry, and even more vintage textiles.  I guess, actually it is about having your own voice, an awakening, an expression of your identity or what means something to you. We’ve moved out of your body as a billboard for a brand and into making it a billboard for you.

Accessorize Talk- Here’s To A Bejeweled Fashion Week Season


If you follow my obsession with the accessorized streets of the city during fashion week, you know I could NOT close out my review of the fashion week season without the jewels!  Having taken photography classes in college, being slightly obsessed with jewelry history, and I’m actually a trained anthropologist…. fashion week is kinda of my guilty pleasure. It combines the anthropology of material culture, people watching, and literally various cultures with accessories and photos! I love to be on the streets shooting when I can, but sometimes I am busy styling or finding jewelry, attending a show, and just trying to organize the media madness of accessories news as it comes in from the online shows. Things are definitely changing in the fashion world and with the online access and direct to customer designs now occurring it’s hard to keep up.  Reviewing the street style jewelry and runway looks helps me in selecting some vintage pieces for the shop and with my own accessories designs. So to wrap it all up for this season, I am combining the best of what we shot on the streets in NYC with pieces seen on the runways in New York, London, Paris, and Milan instagram style. There were streets lined with big earrings again, big belts, metallic sunglasses, statement necklaces and cuffs, and even glam barrettes.  Let the belt, earring, necklace, ring, hat….festivities begin.  (Click here for the bag and shoe review).


ss17-nyfw-9-10-13 ss17-nyfw-9-10-12 img_5689 img_5697 img_5700 img_5701dsc_0094 ss17-nyfw-9-10-20


dsc_0130 dsc_0132


dsc_0116 dsc_0119 dsc_0125 dsc_0085 ss17nyfwmk


nyfw-teanna earrings




A Quick Instagram Illustrated List of What I’d Cut a B#@CH for From NYC, LONDON, MILAN, and PARIS:


Delpozo earrings via their instagram SS 17. Amazeballs. @delpozo.


Creatures of the Wind Earcuff, via their instagram. @creaturesofthewind

Tom Ford, Fall Winter 16. Ready to wear, presented during SS17 NYFW. Gigi Hadid via the instagram @myqueengigi

Tom Ford, Fall Winter 16. Ready to wear, presented during SS17 NYFW. Gigi Hadid via the instagram @myqueengigi


Alexa Chung rocking a Girls hair clip by Ashley Williams London. 

@Balmain metal body jewelry outfit and collar chain by @wmag.


@fentyxpuma corseted body pearl style jewelry fit for a queen by @lynn_ban.


@Loewe madness, large leather and metal cuffs, statement necklaces. By @portermagazine.


@crfashionbook instagram account image, @Balmain earrings.


@ellebrasil instagram coverage of @Balmain. Another necklace from the well accessorized show.


@wmag coverage of Phillip Plein’s belts! @ambravernuccio photo.


@thesatorialist coverage of Fendi boots.


@proenzaschouler earring lust….


@BritishVogue Dior accessories coverage.


@Givenchy agate necklaces. Via @nayla_alnaimi

NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 Street Style: Vibrant Electric Accessories

Rachel Zoe and Marisa Runyon entering Oscar De La Renta. Spring Summer 2016. NYFW. Rachel Guillaume photograph.

Rachel Zoe and Marisa Runyon entering Oscar De La Renta. Spring Summer 2016. NYFW. Rachel Guillaume photograph.


Every fashion week brings thousands in the business and beyond to New York to partake in the newest collections being presented, however what many have come to particularly love is the street style. In my case, mostly for the accessories…. This is where we see vintage and contemporary pieces merge into a plethora of individual styles that somehow culminate, at the end into a forecast of the trends to come. A panorama of colors and sizes inspired this season. We shot outside on the New York streets before the shows with the help of Rachel.  In the streets the crowds were colorful and clearly drawing in part from a 1980s and 90s aesthetic, yet they had a modern approach. There was a sort of similar urban street influence on the runway at various shows, as well as a romantic flowing vibe at others.  I saw lots of denim on the street and inside.


The runway brought a continuation of 1970s bohemian influenced jewelry as well as punk, 80s plastics, oversized earrings and beyond. Whether you would actually wear the Libertine accessories or not they definitely were vibrant and fun to watch. I think the fashion gods that be, are a little evasive when admitting its an 80s extravaganza out there. Keep in mind when accessorizing in term of the runway, we can really pick and pull out those items like the 80s inspired Libertine plastic chain shoes and run with one element we love. So, without further ado:



Sunnies: clearly an important accessory for next summer and now, they were all over in interesting sizes and shapes.  Big rounded examples seem to be the big winners.  

Perez Hilton Fashion week Zara NYFW Sunglass styles fashion week Fashion week SS 2016 street Street Style NYC SS2016

The Oversized and the Retro Urban:



Paula Mendoza Jarama Earrings in Pearl. Photo street style by Rachel G.


DSC_0004 model90sshoes

Street style shots- all by Rachel. This closeup of multi colored booties reflects a trend towards boots in various shapes. From clunky rock 90s black styles to multi color options.

Street style shots- all by Rachel. This closeup of multi colored booties reflects a trend towards boots in various shapes. From clunky rock 90s black styles to multi color options.

The Chic and the Bohemian Moderns:

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour on her way to Oscar SS 2106. Rachel G image.

Egyptian NYFW Style

French Theater Egyptian Revival Necklace as seen during fashion week. Street style image snapped by Rachel Guillaume.

French Theater 1900s

Full view of the necklace used in the French theater. I am a fan of this jewelry from France and recognized it on. 1900-1915. Found on 1stdibs.

DSC_0030 Helena modelbraclet.jpg DSC_0054