Sunday Report Card: Modern Magic at Cyril Jewelry

Lily Stewart in the Orbital Drops and Satellite ring in Russh Magazine.

Today’s jewelry report card is about discovering something new. We’ve chosen this artist’s jewelry account to follow for a few reasons. There is something a little entrancing, almost enchanting about the work of New York based jewelry designer Leila Du Mond of Cyril Studio.  Launched in 2017, it is a new brand, with tons of potential! The pieces are made in the city by hand and retain a minimal but magic style. The crystals she uses are mounted in 14k or sterling,and bounce light beautifully of the human form. There is a sensuality about how they are made and worn, yet the are beautifully modern.  The crystals remind me of antique pools of light pieces in theory, but her application of them is so different and well molded.

Firstly, her construction of the “crystals” seems to be lighter and uniquely mounted. Her hand carved examples seem almost molded to the sculptural fittings that surround them.  Read about her process in a detailed an interesting interview here.  She’s one to watch and you can do that from her instagram account where she posts some of her new pieces and one of a kind creations.  Let’s see where her investigation into light takes us!

What We Want: 

Why We Follow Her:

*All images from the Cyril Studio’s website and instagram page. Rights Reserved.

Oscar Sunday: Jewelry Report Card Muse

Lainy Hedaya in Aron & Hirsch jewelry at Muse.

Some people like Christmas morning, for fine jewelers there may be no other better beginning to the day than Oscar morning. Our choice for the jewelry report card A++, one to follow, has been chosen because they work hard to showcase unique jewelers, include ethical stone practices, and are a influencer’s hidden gem when reporting on the fine jewelry market.

It all started with an international trip to Tel Aviv and a custom wedding band. That young designer was Yossi Harari. Muse, began at that moment. It was founded by the band’s commissioner, Jennifer Shanker, WJA award winner.  She has an established history in the jewelry biz, and in 2016 Muse partnered with GEMFIELDS, using ethically sourced and sustainably mined gemstones. GEMFIELDS X MUSE is in its own right a sustainable and gorgeous charm filled jewelry line. However, if you want to be on top of the fine market and meet new jewelers ahead of them blowing up, following @museshowroom on instagram is a start. We’re betting that we will see some pieces from Muse tonight at the Oscars. Besides Oprah frequently sources her finds there, and if it is good enough for O, it is good enough for me!

The carpet will be full of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies…so why not take a look inside Muse, who has worked to elevate colored gemstones to an artform. They are a leader in showcasing the next big thing in the world of fine jewelry. They stock a group that is both international and in many cases,exclusive to Muse. Here are a list of some of their current jewelry designers. Also, they don’t carry everything online so following them means you’ll be the first to see new designs. If you are in the New York area, one could benefit from a trip to the showroom to see the amount of pieces they really do carry.

Elena Vosti
Holly Dyment
Julls Brasil*
Joana Salazar
Michelle Fantaci
Nancy Newberg
Nikos Koulis
Silvia Furmanovich (fine jewelry and preciously worked bags)
Tara Hirshberg
What We Want:
How does this relate to tonight’s Oscars, well a little birdy told my we can expect to see plenty of Nikos Koulis on the carpet among other jewelers tonight. While the Oscars is usually full of large diamonds, it would indeed be fun to see some color.  Now, if you were following the work of the showroom you would have a leg up on this already!   So to celebrate the work of these designers we have chosen our favorite pieces, and those we think are very red carpet worthy.

Silvia Furmanovich bags at Muse.

Nikos Koulis jewels from Muse

Nikos Koulis jewels from Muse.


Carolina Neves earrings at Muse.


Joana Salazar earrings from Muse.

Keeping up with Muse on instagram is a way to discover new whimsical designers. Not to mention it is a plethora of pretty sparkly images. The pieces they post are enough to make any Conneoisseur’s mouth water.

*All images from Muse Showroom online, its jewelers, and its instagram images. Rights Reserved.

Yara Shahidi image via Vanity Fair, Nagi Sakai photo.

Jewelry Report Card: Vicki Turbeville and a Turquoise Dream

Wake up jewelry lovers, it’s Sunday and time for us to drink coffee and figure out what’s for breakfast, but most importantly it new jewelry report card time! Like all good things her story began with London, a trip out west and Nina Garcia.

This is an A++ seller and instagram account to indulge in for many reasons! Vicki Turbeville’s images and jewelry are editorial, full of history, and culture. This one is special to me because of my ancestry, my wish to support indigenous rights and arts, and the importance of buying such pieces from a respectful seller. You will be waking up to some great Native American artist reports soon.  I noticed Vicki on instagram and started to pay attention to how many contemporary Native American artists work with her, and how she seemed to have a fair relationship with these special items as well. She understands their context and the rich sources that can be found in terms of current Native artists today.  I find her jewelry collection reaches past basic examples into the finely designed and rare as well. This is based on my collecting since I was very young, when I first met a 80 year old man with a stash from his time out west.  Oh, yes I got the best/ largest ring to add to my collection from her and I collect and stock Native American pieces- so that says a lot!

Vicki began her online presence in 2004 after living in London and noticing English friends collecting Native American pieces. Maybe it was a little nostalgia for her homeland or maybe it was just her recognizing the importance of a truly “American” art form.  With a trip out west, as soon as she returned stateside her business began and she started selling at shows. Enters Nina, who met her at said small show, and asked her to come to the offices to showcase some of her pieces. After a vintage concho belt made to the cover on Uma Thurman in 2006, her small website quickly blossomed.  She had a shop in NYC for many years until moving to Redondo Beach California, merging her business with her real life partner, whom she met in New York!

Native American pieces can be an investment, really they should be… There are imitations out there and sometimes you pay for what you get.  Great older jewelry is increasingly harder to find, it is something I spend true time when shopping for the store, so I know for Vicki to have acquired such a collection she’s put in effort and expertise. She regularly stocks some unique and fab vintage finds.

Her instagram account: Why we love it-Besides all of the sea of turquoise she posts, what her account ig offers are lots of pieces by current Native American artists being shared in visually stunning images.


What we want:

*All images belong to Vicki, from her website and instagram account

Visit Vicki online or at
304 Vista Del Mar, Suite A, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Hours: Wed-Saturday 12-5pm

Vicki Turbeville

To read more on Native American jewelry, see our article here.


Immortalized Jewelry: Women’s Adornment in Historic Paintings.

With the launch of the Google arts and culture iPhone app, lots of people started to wonder…”Do I look like the Mona Lisa?”  The answer, for 99% of the inquires is sadly no… In some cases, the supposed matches could be quite a surprise.

The app, the new exhibits focusing on women artists in various museums, and Gucci’s recreated paintings by Ignasi Monreal have gotten us in the mood for the classics! In their spirit wee decided to explore the paintings of great masters and create an homage to the jewelry of some of our favorite works of art.  So our contributor Deanna has created a get the look using various current artists, vintage pieces, and items from the shop.

Girl with a Pearl Earring
by Johannes Vermeer

Housed at Mauritshuis

Minimalistic Pearl Earrings

Gucci – Single Earring with Pearls

Catherine Canino – Sterling Silver Pearl Drop Earrings

The Princesse de Broglie
by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Next Level Neoclassical Parisian

Kendra Scott – Decker Beaded Tassel Earrings


Sollis – Russa Tassel Earrings

$98 AUD

Sarara Couture – Line Vautrin Gilt Heart Medallion Necklace


Sarara Couture – 60s Goldette Medallion Necklace
The Real Real – 18K Diamond Enamel Bracelet 

Vittoria Colonna
by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Jules Lefebvre [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Gold Leaf Everything

Gucci – Metal Leaves Headband

Urban Outfitters – Golden Flower Halo Headband

Sarara Couture – Les Bernard – Relic Coin Necklace

Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird
by Fida Kahlo

Photo: Banco de Mexico Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust Bohemian Punk Rock

World Market – Geometric Turban Headband

Gucci – Crystal Studded Butterfly Brooch 
Vintage Taxco Mexican Butterfly Brooch. Coming soon. 

Ash + Ames – Lattice Gold Neck Cuff 

Sarara Coutoure – Brutalist Oversized Leaf Necklace

Sarara’s Personal Edit

Gustav Klimt Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer 

Gustav Klimt – 1. The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH. 2. Neue Galerie New Yor

      Magical Modern Woman

Sarara Couture Good Luck Eye Earrings


Our Good Luck Eye earrings, the perfect reflection of her dress details.

Bona Drag – Andra Neen – Spar Cage Choker

Irene Neuwirth Jewelry

Portrait Of Marie Antoinette De Habsbourg Lorraine

Portrait Of Marie Antoinette De Habsbourg Lorraine (oil on canvas), French School, (18th century). Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library. Possibly the Hope Diamond on her chest.

The Romantics 

*Deanna Dewey is a contributor at AllRecipes and has worked freelance on publications such as Better Homes and Gardens.

Sunday Jewelry Report Card: All Tied Up in the Jewelry Art of Neon Zinn


It’s that time again, but instead of a work day for many, tomorrow we have a holiday of sorts…so enjoy that cup of coffee knowing the next day can involve house slippers!  We have decided to hand out our Sunday jewelry report card to to a designer that is all about color, texture, and most importantly process. So wake up!  I noticed his work a few years ago at fashion week while we where shooting street style. I thought, wow who did these oversized almost body style pieces? Well, you know I like a good piece of body jewelry, so I investigated. His scale ranges from collars to large complex pieces, which I love. The way the artist embraces color is inspiring. Some of the pure beauty of his work is due to the fact that he has his hands on all the moving parts. He dyes the rope and creates a kaleidoscope of hues.  His necklaces are made from cotton yarn and different fibers, which are comfortable to wear.

Elle Magazine. South Africa.

New Orleans based Seth Damm is the creator of the line, and he started much like true artists do…experimenting and coming into his own with this medium. His past experience had been in installation, printmaking, and painting, but this all started with a box of rope and a jewelry show in a friend’s gallery.   Featured in Marie Claire Italy and Elle Decor, one begins to understand that there are more layers to his work than what the label “jewelry” can describe.  

Customization: um yeah its what everyone wants that now and after exploring his site, I found he offers it and treats his shop like a gallery of sorts. Very intriguing, click here for more info. 

Currently, one can see that his new designs are taking him more into the realm of body and adornment, and I for one am excited! Why is he one to follow on instagram? Color, creativity, and inspiration. Need I say more?  But I will- his shop and account are full of breath taking hues that he conjures up daily.

Why we love the Neon Zinn on Instagram


Pieces We Want NOW:

*All images belong to Neon Zinn via the website and instagram. 

Sunday Jewelry Report Card: Pop Jewelry and Ashley Longshore


Whose got one of the funniest and most enjoyable well accessorized accounts on instagram?  She throws humor, pussy power, sparkle, artistic talent, and an unapologetic love for the F word (something we have in common) into this mix! We share a name and a southern background…Have you guessed who she is yet? Sunday’s report card takes us to beautiful New Orleans where living is king and Sarah Ashley Longshore is the Queen of color.  A friend turned me onto her instagram page a while ago, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon this fuck loving, over the top accessorized, pusher of envelopes, pop art, life loving woman.  I admire her voice and support of artists, an her emphasis on women in art. She oozes skittles and red lipstick.  She plays with gender, fashion iconography, flowers, butterflies, stereotypes, throws in the strength of Frida and blends them up in her remarkable mind. Her work is collected by celebrities, she’s been covered in Vogue and other publications. Her subjects are current and past celebrating themes like Audrey Hepburn, but they all speak the same language of sparkle, color, and meaning. She at plays with the idea of status and money, while at once exploring our culture’s fascination with symbols of power in her Trophy series. Some of her most instagrammed works might be her fashion icons like Kate Moss and Anna Wintour, because after all her account does say “Repost this shit. I don’t give a ” ( fill in the blank, yep it starts with an F). I also see a sort of rebellion associated with being a southern woman, from red lipstick to cursing that I relate to personally. I think that is why she has something that people relate to personally for different reasons. Find out the answer to what an “Artgasm” is here.

What’s Ashley got to do with Accessories? EVERYTHING. Her art is as accessorized as she is! The thing is I’ve been watching the way she wears over the top jewelry and sunglasses since day one.  I thought, ‘hey look at that huge agate 80s style hip hop necklace’. What about her signature ring, that then became a middle finger sculpture.  Not to mention, a huge candy CC necklace that might crush you if worn the wrong way.   I expect to see more from her in terms of accessories mayhem, and her partnership creating a sparkly lipstick bag with Judith Leiber is only the beginning. She has bags in her online shop and at Forty Five Ten, and I imagine more in the works. I have so many questions for Ashley like, “When is your eyewear collection coming out?”, “What is the biggest piece of jewelry you own?” on and on and on!

Evidence for her Love of Jewelry/Accessories:  EXHIBIT A


She’s one to follow and watch because she is a trailblazer who became the first solo female exhibition in the history of Bergdorfs, realizing her worth and parlaying her meeting with them into not a shared show, but her own.  She has redefined how to be successful as an artist, using social media like a baller.  She also has an eye for the newest sensations like Nadine Ghosn’s hamburger ring and Namilia’s pussy fanny pack.  Adding author to her list with her book You Don’t Look Fat You Look Crazy, what’s not to like?   So if you aren’t on the Ashley train yet, she’s someone who is guaranteed to make your feed glow, make you smile, and yearn for an accessories fix. Her accolades and press are stacking up so for more on her art and accessories check out her site.

What We Want (besides all of her paintings):

Because we just want to carry this around.

Her lipstick bag from Judith Leiber!

Why We Love Her Instagram

*All images from Ashley Longshore’s website and instagram account, rights are hers.

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: Minimalism, Jewelry, and Fay Andrada


It’s Sunday and we are handing out the report card!  We have chosen our designer and instagram account to follow. Designer Fay Andrada has a grounded authenticity that is admirable in jewelers. She has refined her personal history and skills into a physical representation through her jewelry.  Her experiences as the daughter of an architect ring true, as does her training in graphic design. Each design is made in brass, sterling, or 14K.  They are modern sculpture with an element of earth, water, wind, and fire thrown in the mix.  There is a human aspect to her work, a tiny imperfection, but also a minimal perfect beauty, as well. Although this style has become more sought after recently and reiterated, she has been doing such pieces for years. Her brand was founded in Brooklyn in 2010. She has a studio in Greenpoint, in which one can make an appointment to see her work in person.

We gravitate in the world of instagram to those artists who have the real goods, because jewelry is a personal process.  Sunday #jewelryreportcard is about rewarding those artist and accounts because they are really great, and in many cases deserve way more followers. I hope by doing these Sunday reports we point out some great accounts that inspire the reader, beyond the superficial.  Plus, they of course, we hope, will make your last day of the weekend a bit brighter!  Her work has been seen in Vogue, Refinery 29, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.   Fay has some lust worthy pieces, also the imagery and romance of her instagram feed is not lost on us. If one scrolls down her feed well into a years or so ago or beyond, one can see how marvelously she styles the bracelets stacked to infinity and the consistency of the photography.  There is a poetic beauty to the feed.

Why we love her instagram:

Jewelry we want so badly:

*All images belong to Fay Andrada, via her website and Instagram.

Jewelry Mathematics: Sunday with Yoko Takirai

It may be hard to believe, but I am a modernist-maximalist, no maximalist modernist, no….anyway once again we find ourselves in a Sunday state of mind. Ready to give our A++ to a new designer and instagram account we recently discovered and love. So grab your coffee and get ready!  Today’s jewelry report card goes to Yoko Takirai, which is very fitting since her jewelry takes some mathematical and architectural knowledge.

Her designs combine a sense of modern architectural design with romance.  First of all, her name is Yoko, so we are hooked…second her degrees in the field are quite extensive.  She graduated from West Virginia University in the 90s, then in 1995 she moved to Florence to study at the jewellery school “Le Arti Orafe”.  She then obtained a degree in project jewellery design from the Istituto d’Arte di Firenze. Yoko taught goldsmith’s art at the “Alchimia” school until 2000 and then in 2002 opened Takirai Design.  Her work has gone on to gain accolades, show at museum shows, and beyond.

What we love about her designs are the way they bridge innovation in form, with their wearer.  She creates architecture for the body.  Where can you get her work? Well, here is where instagram comes into play. Yoko’s work can be seen at international design shows, galleries, and beyond. Most of these events are mentioned on instagram and her facebook page, like the Barcelona Jewellery Fair. She has shown her work at the MAD museum in New York.  Her line is carried in boutiques like Oh My Blue in Venice Italy, so to stay on top of all of this we present her instagram page.

Why we love her instagram a visual tribute:

Our Favorite Pieces:


Spazio SAM – Vecchio Conventino – laboratorio 33
Via Giano della Bella, 20/1
50124 Firenze
tel. +39 348 9147006

*All images belong and from Takirai Design website or her instagram account, rights reserved.

Sunday Jewelry Report Card, Italian Style with the Work of Mario Salvucci

It’s the end of the weekend again and to help take your mind off of the impending threat of Monday, we are bringing you our report card pick. The blog has chosen the work of jewelry artist and designer Mario Salvucci! Mario’s instagram is an interesting blend of beautiful deep hues of navy blacks combined with images of his everyday Italian life and inspirations. His fashion/jewelry images often look like Italian paintings and never cease to inspire.  In this rhythm, one also finds the occasional quirky post, which makes his instagram account one to enjoy and follow. He has experience in lighting and decor design as well, which also makes his perspective unique.   His jewelry is whimsical and modern, yet a bit industrial and raw.

If you love insect jewelry, look no further as his incredible creatures collection explores a personal favorite of mine, spider jewelry, among scorpions, mantis and others. They have an architectural and tactile feel. The pieces are made by his hand in Italy, from 100% recycled sterling and indulge in the inspiration he finds in nature.  His other new pieces have deep grey finishes, organic subjects, and modern geometric incarnations.

Mario has been making jewelry for over thirty years, first beginning as a line in the USA in 1985. His was work carried in major department stores and in fashion magazines.  In the 90s, he took a hiatus from jewelry and became involved in the interior and lighting design world. He recently returned to his love of jewelry in 2011, with the launch of this new line.  As such, he is new to the scene again and somewhat under valued on instagram!  He regularly displays in New York in person, and I was lucky enough to meet and purchase the spider necklace from Mario. He has a calm sweet demeanor and I look forward to seeing more of his new work. So without further ado let’s explore his A++ jewelry.

Favorite shots from Instagram:

Pieces we covet:


*All images from Mario’s website and instagram feed, rights reserved to him.

Jewelry Alert, Emerald City: Budget Friendly Alternatives to the Striking Gemstone

The Golden Globes 2018 gave us a lot, like a rousing speech from Oprah Winfrey while accepting the Golden Globes’ annual Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Female solidarity through a dress code of all black.

Celebrities reportedly collaborated on the statement-making all black color scheme in December, but we’re wondering if there weren’t also whispers among some of the ladies about going green with their jewelry. Zoe Kravitz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Issa Rae, and Debra Messing were a few of the actresses who brought emerald city to the carpet. It’s a less featured color so it was kind of perfect for the unique tone at this year’s Globes, popping against the various beautiful range of skin tones.  But…emerald’s do cost top dollar. Don’t let that discourage you though! We’ve got great options that can help you get the look for less. Shop the new power color below in an array of glamorous choices!

And tell us, would you go green with the emerald trend?

Kate Spade New York Bright Idea Stud Earrings 


KENDRA SCOTT Elaina Birthstone Bracelet 

Lab-Created Emerald and White Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver



Sterling Silver 5mm Round Simulated Gemstone Earrings


Emerald Stackable Ring


GlitZ Finery Multi Row Crystal Station Accent Necklace


Lab-Created Emerald Necklace 10K Yellow Gold

Colors in Rhythm Earrings Lab-Created Emeralds Sterling Silver


Celebrating the Color Green on Sarara Couture: Please check out our options!