If You’re Not Getting The Apple Smartwatch Series 3, Which of These Modern Hybrids Are You Buying?

Wearables like the Apple smartwatch, which recently released the series 3, blur the line between fashion and tech, but hybrid smartwatches are blending them! The concept of a hybrid watch is exactly like what it sounds like—classic analog designs built with digital screen displays and hi-tech features like fitness tracking, notifications, electronic payments, voice control, and geolocation services. And to make sure it doesn’t go the way of the Google Glass and lives up to its purpose of being wearable, brands are paying more attention to design. Meaning these modern watches have stylish, interchangeable bands, customizable faces and versatile colors to match your wardrobe or your personality.


Here are our picks for some of the most wearable hybrid watches out there, because a gal needs some options:

1. Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch – Q Venture Rose Two-Tone Stainless Steel

2. Pebble Time Round

3. Samsung Gear S2

4. Kate Spade New York Gold-Tone and Vanchetta Leather Metro Hybrid Smartwatch

5. Misfit Shine 2

6. Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid Smartwatch

7. Moto 360

8. Asus ZenWatch 2

9. DKNY Minute – Coming soon

10. Tory Burch The Collins – Coming soon

Lifestyle: When Honey is like a Fine Wine, A Visit To The Savannah Bee Company


Traveling this summer through my old haunts in the south afforded me time to relax and think not only about jewelry but body, spirit, and mind. Entering Savannah Bee Company on St. Simons Island, was a unexpected surprise. As I walked into the shop, on a hot summer day, I found all that was needed to replenish my beach washed skin and my thirsty lips!  We have all been to places that sell honey and honey tea, and trust me this is beyond expectations- as my husband is a self professed foodie and enthusiast of sorts on honey and garlic- this is not my first experience with honey.  I have never seen anything like this, the variety of each product…There was a honey tasting bar, honey filled lotions, and skin care with royal jelly. It is a honey spa if you will.  There was even a tasting option featuring honeycomb platters with apples, local cheese, and berries.

My husband getting in on the action!

You may think I am exaggerating a bit, but the honey is indeed treated like wine, you have a tasting area, with various types and tastes to be tried- raw, lavender some from the southern bees some from Spanish bees feasting of lavender fields….. but, wait for it, there is actually a real honey bar, with drinks. A bar that serves honey beer and wine in various flavors awaits the eager visitor. You can’t get that in another store!

My favorite lotion was the Royal Jelly Body Butter, which I am currently using. The “sensitive” one is the right mix of hydrating without being to overwhelming!

The irresistible honey coffee, turned into a iced treat!

How did it all begin? With a man named Ted’s healthy infatuation with- you guessed it, bees. While the first Savannah Bee Company was established officially in 2002, unofficially Ted has been practicing the art of bees, studying and teaching about them around the world for years. Thus the shop’s unique array of local and globally found ingredients and sources.

Where can you go for your honey fix if you are on the northeast coast? Well, the new Westport CT store opened just in time this month, affording me a much shorter trip to get my sweet fix.

Delilah’s Snake Rings


Delilah looking chic and well accessorized.

Delilah looking chic and well accessorized.

Thursday evening coming back from working in the city, I made a stop about an hour outside the city in Connecticut to get something good to eat on the way home. Now, I never stop at this town, but I did this evening. I stumbled into a ambiance filled little place with an old style bar and eatery.  All was normal as I waited at the bar for the food I had ordered, when in came a chic lady (of a certain age- I didn’t ask, she didn’t tell) completely done: deep red, almost black nails, hair and when she slipped her coat over her shoulders I saw the rings!  She had a certain vibe and really her name said it all: Delilah. If I was to give her a name it would have been that one…… After watching her stir her martini for a bit I decided to ask about those rings.  Snakes on almost every finger. She said, “oh thank you, I got them in New York at the Trump towers… I had them made”. I was wondering the age of a few of them, since they had an older aesthetic- but she replied that she had them all made in the 70s-80s. Plus they weren’t just snakes- there was the cobra, I think there was a viper and on. I have to admit I’d rock that cobra ring -ready to strike. Loved it and it was no light weight. We continued to chat and she let me snap some images. I told her I was in the vintage jewelry business and that she was quite in fashion.  When the food appeared, I said goodbye and left for the rest of my trip home. Now I wished I’d asked a bit more, interesting looking people often have interesting lives…… Enjoy this little accessories memoirs nugget:

Snake Rings

Snake Rings

Gold snake rings

Vintage Fine Gold snake rings



Finding Lou Lou De La Falaise

                                                                    -The Glamorous Romantic-

Lou Lou de La Falaise

Lou Lou de La Falaise The Glamorous Romantic, rights reserved. From my copy of the text.

I knew of Lou Lou de La Falaise through her work with Yves Saint Laurent and via old photographs. Possibly my favorite image is of Lou Lou and Yves styling model and icon Willy Van Rooy. That moment captures her work philosophy, fashion style and tells you she is the cool girl. Not in the cliche way, but in a very natural fluid way.  She’s an it girl because her style seems to flow from within towards the surface.  Lou Lou was born of a complex and beautiful model mother, which the book by her name covers quite well. Her father was a French count.

Lou, Lou, Willy Van Rooy and Yves, 1980.

Lou, Lou, Willy Van Rooy and Yves, 1980. Image from text, copy also provided by Willy as seen in our interview with her.

However, through the descriptions in the book (such as that of Kenneth Jay Lane), I also became very interested in her strict, but stylish, creative, muse of a grandmother- Rhoda. Rhoda had two hobbies central to Lou Lou’s own personal character; jewelry making and gardening. But you’ll have to read the book for more about Lou Lou’s formative years! Her personal, love life and career sort of intertwine in the book giving us an idea of how she arrived at YSL’s house so to speak. The journey is so well described by Ariel de Ravenel and Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni…

Her relationship with Yves Saint Laurent was a deep and meaningful partnership, which produced so many outstanding fashion accessories and beyond, so the book really is a truly hypnotic read. I found her years spent working after YSL and her work ethic overall very inspiring. The images of her creations for Yves are illuminated by how she actually wore jewelry throughout the images accompanying the text.  The photographs of her style are much welcomed and absolutely essential.  The book is not to be missed (Pierre Berge’s forward for instance) and provides wonderful quotes from fashion icons concerning Lou Lou, as well as building a foundation for readers concerning why she was so essential to one of the most beloved and talented fashion designers that ever lived.


Lou Lou de La Falaise The Glamorous Romantic, rights reserved. From my copy of the text.

To quote the book and Yves:

“I tell myself that I am truly fortunate to have had Lou Lou at my side all of these years because there isn’t a day that goes by when she doesn’t fill me with wonder” (Lou Lou de La Falaise, 132).

Lou LouTurkmen1

*IMAGES: Credit-Lou Lou de La Falaise The Glamorous Romantic, rights reserved. I have included my favorite photos from the book in this review. I am drawn to her ever present vintage/antique Turkmen silver cuffs which she mixed with other accessories, seen in two images included. However possibly my favorite cuffs she did, were for YSL haute couture. These in my mind are some of the most telling pieces she designed. They mix that chic, modern and bohemian aesthetic perfectly- that I also ascribe to and love so innately.  They are large, not to be missed, a bit wild, yet refined…..

It is at this point I pause… I found that the complete review had already been done so well, as the book released in October of this year. Our blog relaunch was in wild swing at that time so rather than not post I did want to highlight this book I enjoyed so much.  For a more detailed description: click here.