Sunday Jewelry Report in Mid Century Jewelry Heaven

Time to wake up in a mid century home, sunshine streaming in those oversized, let nature in windows, and sit down with a cup of coffee in your Herman Miller lounger… I do this every morning well, except for that lounger I can’t seem to find at my comfortable budget zone.  Today’s jewelry report card is for my mid century lovers, and actually, this is a store you can get the chair and the jewelry!

I chose Nordlings Vintage Jewelry on instagram because I love a page with focus and expertise. It is part of the larger or Nordlings Antik on instagram.  Besides, I’m also indulging myself a little with the mid century theme, for those of you who don’t know we are in the midst of our ongoing mid century restoration outside of New York City, in good old Connecticut. Nordlings is actually based in Stockholm, opened by the family in 1973, but you can shop online as well. If you are in Sweden, be sure to check out their happenings or events up online here. Furniture and art enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either.

The online shop is full of lust worthy mid century works of jewelry art organized by artist.  Spanning mens cufflinks to women jewelry; Tapio Wirkkala to Lissa Vitali. The shop also includes unique unsigned examples as well.

What We Want: (it is in Kr but the have a USD option on the site)


$2100 KR or around 255 dollars.

1,034 US dollar

Nordlings jewelry store focuses on Scandinavian design in particular of the mid century.  Their instagram page is a plethora of jewelry being worn and displayed as it comes into the store. Its a clean and fun aesthetic that won’t mess up you instagram feed, but instead enhance it.

Why We Follow Them:

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