About The Designer

Sara has been collecting and designing jewelry from a young age. She began by wearing and hunting down 1920s jewelry from auctions and designing accessories as an adolescent. In grade schools she won the school art prize for innovative paper water color earrings she created. She grew up in the country of indigenous and non indigenous roots a few hours outside of Nashville TN. Her interest in cultures and her own diverse heritage, was fueled by her grandparents stories of indigenous roots. Truly the product of an American story which includes French, Saami, Native American, a dash of Brazilian indigenous roots, a touch of India, a tad of Sicily, German, Scandinavian, Great Britain, and a bit of North Africa and South Africa… all crossing paths early on in an “American” landscape. Due to this mix and non official identify, she began to understand herself better as a person of mixed heritage while living and studying in Brazil. This passion for cultures, art, and history led her to pursue an anthropology degree. After graduating from Notre Dame and the University of Chicago in social sciences, and a doctorate in visual anthropology at UNICAMP Brazil. She taught 5 years at Scad in Atlanta before moving to the northeast and pursuing Sarara Couture full time.