Dawson’s Creek Cast Reunites and We Find Joey an Engagement Ring

The cast of TV obsession Dawson’s Creek, that ran from 1998-2003, has reunited! Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, the once angst-y teen TV stars turned adult screen actors came together to celebrate the hit show’s 20th anniversary with a photo shoot for the magazine. It’s the first time they’ve all been in the same room in two decades, but watching the group interview no one seemed to miss a beat.

The attending castmates—which included Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek, Kerr Smith, Meredith Monroe, Busy Philipps, Mary Beth Peil—discussed details about the show’s creative decisions like Joey choosing Pacey in the end. Although Katie nervously faltered in answering whether she agreed with the love triangle’s conclusion, we’re #TeamPacey all the way. But, it did get us thinking about what Joey’s engagement bling would have looked like from each of her great loves.


We imagine a Joey and Dawson engagement ring to be statement-making. As the do-the-right-thing type who stayed the straight-and-narrow path to love, we think Dawson would have gone the traditional route with a white-gold or silver band and large centerpiece diamond. The cushion cut is similar to the diamond earrings he gave Joey to wear in the Anti-Prom episode (pictured above), but he might up the stakes with eye-catching sapphire accent stones.

Traditional is not a word we’d use to describe Pacey Witter. He was a lover and a fighter, who traveled a winding road…usually to Joey. In the same Anti-Prom episode Pacey comments that Joey’s earrings are not her and too “gaudy”. He says the bracelet she’s wearing, which belonged to her mother, is “simple and elegant” like her. So we imagine a romantic, timeless engagement ring that, although not gaudy, is still unique—a floral design in mixed metal with a soft, baby blue diamond.

Here is a fun shopping list of vintage and antique engagement rings that they might have picked:







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