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Traveling this summer through my old haunts in the south afforded me time to relax and think, not only about jewelry, but body, spirit and mind. The Savannah Bee Company on St. Simons Island gave me an unexpected surprise. I walked into the shop on a hot summer day and found everything I needed to replenish my beach-washed skin and thirsty lips—honey!

There are places that sell honey, but trust me this is beyond expectations. My husband is a foodie and an enthusiast-of-sorts on honey and garlic so this is not my first experience with honey. I have never seen anything like the variety of each product at the Savannah Bee Company. There is a honey tasting bar, lotions, and skin care with royal jelly. It is a honey spa if you will. There was even a tasting option featuring honeycomb platters with apples, local cheese, and berries.

savannah bee company store honey

My husband getting in on the action!

You may think I am exaggerating a bit, however, the honey is like wine at The Savannah Bee Company. There is a tasting area with various types and flavors to try. They include raw, lavender, some from the southern bees, and some from Spanish bees that feast on lavender fields. Also, wait for it, there is actually a real bar that serves honey beer and wine in various flavors for the eager visitor. You can’t get that in another store!

My favorite lotion was the Royal Jelly Body Butter, which I am currently using. The “sensitive” one is the right mix of hydrating without being to overwhelming!

The irresistible honey coffee, turned into a iced treat!

How did it all begin? With a man named Ted and his healthy infatuation with—you guessed it—bees. Though the first Savannah Bee Company officially opened in 2002, unofficially Ted practiced the art of bees, studying them and teaching about them around the world for years. Thus, it’s the origin of the shop’s unique array of locally and globally-sourced ingredients and resources.

Where can you go for your honey fix if you are on the northeast coast? Well, the new Westport CT store opened just in time this month. Now it’s a much shorter trip to get my sweet fix.


Are you a fan of honey-based beauty products or beverages?

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