Sara is inspired by her travels, superstitions, life abroad, fashion history, French theater, showgirls, and her heritage.

She love textures, colors, being inspired by a period, person, or moment in time…

“I Iove the process of jewelry design. While my knowledge of cultures and fashion history informs me, they are only one facet of what inspires me. When I unearth a vintage collection or archive, I often sort of fall in love with the owner’s history.  I tend to be attracted to certain people’s lifelong collections and then I want to know all about their fashion sense, who they were… Showgirls have some of the best jewelry collections, they fascinate me. My personal jewelry collection is influenced by fashion, but it also reflects a love of indigenous, Berber, and older Mexican pieces. All of this and my love of pushing the design limits informs my designs”.

Madame X reimagined in Sara’s fringe earrings.