Jewelry Report Card: Vicki Turbeville and a Turquoise Dream

Wake up jewelry lovers, it’s Sunday and time for us to drink coffee and figure out what’s for breakfast, but most importantly it new jewelry report card time! Like all good things her story began with London, a trip out west and Nina Garcia.

This is an A++ seller and instagram account to indulge in for many reasons! Vicki Turbeville’s images and jewelry are editorial, full of history, and culture. This one is special to me because of my ancestry, my wish to support indigenous rights and arts, and the importance of buying such pieces from a respectful seller. You will be waking up to some great Native American artist reports soon.  I noticed Vicki on instagram and started to pay attention to how many contemporary Native American artists work with her, and how she seemed to have a fair relationship with these special items as well. She understands their context and the rich sources that can be found in terms of current Native artists today.  I find her jewelry collection reaches past basic examples into the finely designed and rare as well. This is based on my collecting since I was very young, when I first met a 80 year old man with a stash from his time out west.  Oh, yes I got the best/ largest ring to add to my collection from her and I collect and stock Native American pieces- so that says a lot!

Vicki began her online presence in 2004 after living in London and noticing English friends collecting Native American pieces. Maybe it was a little nostalgia for her homeland or maybe it was just her recognizing the importance of a truly “American” art form.  With a trip out west, as soon as she returned stateside her business began and she started selling at shows. Enters Nina, who met her at said small show, and asked her to come to the offices to showcase some of her pieces. After a vintage concho belt made to the cover on Uma Thurman in 2006, her small website quickly blossomed.  She had a shop in NYC for many years until moving to Redondo Beach California, merging her business with her real life partner, whom she met in New York!

Native American pieces can be an investment, really they should be… There are imitations out there and sometimes you pay for what you get.  Great older jewelry is increasingly harder to find, it is something I spend true time when shopping for the store, so I know for Vicki to have acquired such a collection she’s put in effort and expertise. She regularly stocks some unique and fab vintage finds.

Her instagram account: Why we love it-Besides all of the sea of turquoise she posts, what her account ig offers are lots of pieces by current Native American artists being shared in visually stunning images.


What we want:

*All images belong to Vicki, from her website and instagram account

Visit Vicki online or at
304 Vista Del Mar, Suite A, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Hours: Wed-Saturday 12-5pm

Vicki Turbeville

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