Lookbook: The Circus

The collection is a celebration of my take on 1920s-50s circus performer costumes. What jewelry would these stellar female trapeze, showgirls, fire eaters, horse riders… wear if they lived today? Women today wear many hats, they are strong and full of personality. I found a beautiful strength in these bold women of the circus and stage.

Historic ad for Zazel

Women like Zazel the “human cannonball”, May Wirth bareback rider of the 1920s, Lillian Leitzel who was the 20s queen of the aerial performance, who lived and died on the job, Maria Spelterini first woman tightrope walker, Katie Sandwina woman of steel, Maud Wagner Tattoed lady, Annie Oakley, Mable Stark tiger trainer, Gladys Roy wing walker, Annie Jones bearded lady and singer, the seven sisters with the longes hair…

Historic image of Zazel.
Sandwina, real name: Katie Brumbach.
Laverie Valee, strong woman and trapeze artist. Known for swinging in her undergarments during an act recorded by Edison.

American glamour heritage, feathers used by such performers, references to symbols like old phones, hands, good luck charms, and elements worn by circus performers all inspired this collection.We create our pieces by hand in the USA using Swarovski crystals, rhodium, 21k plating, silver plating and high quality materials. Due to the care taken with construction, they are strongly constructed, with weight and comfort in mind. 

An important aspect of my collections is that I strive to make them relevant, but classic. They hold their appeal. Thus, the collections should work together beyond a season.