Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are Getting Married: Come Tiara Shopping with Us Before the Big Day!

Cartier Bandeau via Harper’s Bazaar and Alamy. Link in image.

There are more tiara’s floating around the royal coffers than butterflies on a spring day. Every blog and news agency around the world is trying to guess which one Meghan will wear on their big day this Saturday.  From the Spencer tiara to the Lover’s Knot. The Lover’s knot was one of Diana’s favorites, but the Spencer won out on her day, paying tribute to the women in her family who came before her. It was chosen over what the queen had actually gifted her for the day. Although many are speculating it has less allure due to the marriage of Diana to Charles not enduring. However, with Meghan having some crazy distant relation to Diana who knows, should she wear it! The royal family and the queen may actually also take stone signification into consideration when choosing the crown, as well as the history of the piece. Your guess is as good as mine!  However; in Meghan’s case it is possible a totally new one could be fashioned, but Harry did give her a diamond from his mother’s collection…so again I digress.  I’m in just as much suspense as the rest of you not knowing whether to bet on the Strathmore Rose tiara worn by Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (a.k.a the Queen Mother) in the the 20s almost like a flapper band or the Cartier Bandeau.  As our coffers might not be so flush I decided to put together a list of fun vintage costume jewelry tiaras available in various shops below, well I stuck in a few diamonds: Enjoy and start planning your bridal party head gear or Saturday night accessories! Plenty of vintage head gear coming to the shop this month as well as we celebrate.



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