1920s Cobalt Blue Enamel Egyptian Revival Scarab Bracelet


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1920s Art Deco Bracelets
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1920s 20s cuff brass Egyptian revival cuff enamel scarab

1920s art deco Egyptian revival at its best! The scarab is a gorgeous blue and huge. The metal appears to be brass. From a European collection of jewelry. The cuff at the widest part measures 3″ wide and sort of wraps with an initial opening of about 1″ that widens at the bottom to 1.5″. Width varies. The length is about 3.5″ long. Condition is good with mild wear to the enamel. The brass has some age and tarnish see images.scarab bracelet 1920s lapis blue scarab blue scarab deco Enamel art deco cuff Egyptian revival bracelet


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