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1980s Chanel Sold Archive Vintage Couture and Designer

Rich purple glass and rhinestone earrings, signed Chanel.  I love the classic large style of the era. These were made when Karl Lagerfeld took over in the 1980s. The color is so unique. They are marked 1983/84. Plaques are soldered on in the same finish. During this time the actual date was added below on the tags. The use of this style hang tag, soldered on earrings and hanging from necklaces was common at this time. Made in France was removed  during this period until 1986 when the signature changed again. The two clip earrings are marked 1983 on one and 1984 on the other.  This was probably due to a quality control issue and has been authenticated. It is believed that these came out during two consecutive seasons and got mixed up when sold. They are documented in this 1985 ad and measure 1.25″ long X 1″ wide.  Saturated purple was part of the color scheme during this time and you can see the same model of earrings used the following year, below in the vintage 1985 Chanel makeup ad scan. The ad refers to couture colors, again the rich palette used in the collection.
Chanel earrings

Chanel earrings purple

80s Chanel vintage chanel Vintage Chanel



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