30s-40s Joseff of Hollywood Cross Necklace.


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This is an amazing earlier piece, this can be seen by the antique finish he often put on his 1938-1940s pieces used in the studio/films. This was originally done to cut down on glare during filming. The pendant is also somewhat heavier as in the older pieces. The stones are brilliant and beautiful. The biggest green stone has a long inclusion original to the glass. Condition is very good, no cracks or dings. Finish is tarnished and it is missing the original clasp-sterling replacement. One chain link is sort of alone but after looking at the soldering seems to be an original flaw as soldering is there.  The cross is about 4.5″ in length X 2.5″ wide.The chain is 18″ long. Truly stunning substantial and early Joseff of Hollywood!

Joseff of Hollywood Cross DSC_0250 early Joseff of Hollywood 30s-40s Joseff of Hollywoodsignature Joseff of Hollywood DSC_0253 DSC_0252

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