30s Miriam Haskell Asian Charm Necklace


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Early unsigned Haskell book chain enamel and Asian style charm necklace. The first pieces made by Frank Hess were unsigned. The dragon motif was used in a series of these necklaces attributed to the company by collectors.  These designs have been debated and entitled by researchers the Miriam Haskell deco Asian or Chinese chain link necklaces. There evidence suggests that the ones with the dragon motif have the best chance at being Haskell, although no text book I can find has officially attributed this series to Haskell.  16″ long. The necklace has tarnish and age to the brass links in areas. Line in green bead finish, stable no chipping or loose details. It is missing one small brass ball.  These older pieces can sometimes be tricky in terms of attributing them but looking to the elements helps.  Florenz Ziegfeld, decorated the Follies ladies with her designs as well as Lucille Ball.  For addition information on the pieces: http://www.beadiste.com/2013/11/puzzling-evidence-miriam-haskell-mystery.html 30s Miriam Haskell Necklace