40s Frank Hess for Miriam Haskell Pin


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Large Hess early unsigned wooden beads and leaves brooch.  The piece measures about 3-1/3″. This 40s Frank Hess for Miriam Haskell brooch is unsigned, as was typical for this era, circa 1940.  The wooden star shaped beads, back construction, and design is however well documented.   The color is great and the wood condition really excellent.  Wood elements, metal back, mesh wire metal underneath that plaque, dark green bakelite center beads. A bit of wear to the pin and back. Functions.

Frank Hess Brooch Haskell DSC_0408 40s Haskell Frank Hess Brooch Miriam Haskell Brooch DSC_0406

You can see another identical, also confirmed unsigned Haskell example at http://www.morninggloryjewelry.com/haskell-hess-early-unsigned-wooden-beads-and-leaves-p-11507.html