Art Deco Paste Stone Cuff


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1920s Art Deco Bracelets

Easily one of the best graphic and truly art deco pieces of jewelry that I have come across. The bracelet is truly stunning and made of paste stones, pot metal, and early celluloid plastic elements. The clamp works well and the cuff is made for a more petite wrist of a bit under 6.5.  A size 6 would be ideal but could work a little smaller or a touch larger.  The piece measures 6.5″ and is 2″ in width. Condition is very good with mild wear to the paste and pot metal elements. The larger light green celluloid elements have a bit of wear in a few areas, hard to see on the wrist. Great 1920s design example.

Art Deco Celluloid Cuff 20s Green Cuff Art Deco Bracelet paste stone vintage celluloid 20s cuff paste stone bracelet


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