Art Deco Sterling Bangles


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1920s Art Deco Bracelets Fine Jewelry

Art deco era early frosted style celluloid and sterling bangles. The design and colors are so great. The bracelets are unsigned. The tips are so indicative of the deco design and are wonderful examples.  Circa 1920s. 8″ circumference with about a .25″ gap between the sterling tops, but they slide over most hands. The gap is just a design feature. The opening is a bit over 2.5″ in width and slid on easily. The piece has a width that varies due to the sterling ends that are about .5″ wide. Possibly will to divide the set, inquire via email.

Sterling 1920s early celluloid bracelets

Art Deco bangels, sterling

Deco design art deco jewelry 20s deco bangles


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