Bill Smith 1969 Rare Coin Halter


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1960s Accessories Bill Smith/ Richelieu Vintage Body Jewelry Vintage Couture and Designer

Amazing rare museum quality coin halter necklace by Bill Smith for Richelieu. I acquired part of a much larger collection that was released recently. This piece has incredible quality and wearability. The coins feature Minerva heads embossed and the patina is very pretty. It has the right weight and feel on the body. Condition is excellent. Can be worn over a bohemian dress, as a halter, or with modern black or white clothing. For collectors of his work this cannot be missed. Bill Smith was the first African American recipient of the Coty awards for his design. It was in 1968 when he was vp of Richelieu that these amazing items were produced. At the time this was one of the largest jewelry producers in the United States. Adjustable size. No tag, but archived design/material use with a couple auction records. Can be provided upon purchase. Read more about his work here.Bill Smith Coin Halter Body Jewelry Rare Body Jewelry Bill Smith Richelieu Vintage Bill Smith Bill Smith 1969 Richelieu


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