Cadoro Elephant Necklace


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Large enamel and mixed metal Cadoro signed elephant necklace. The whimsical piece is a great size. The condition is very good with wear only to the clasp which is now brass toned. The elephant and chains look great.  Elephant is  3 1/2″ X 2 1/4″. Chain is 26″ in length.


Cadoro is very high quality the designers traveled everywhere to find high quality and unique components. It was founded by Actor Steve Brody and Dan Staneskieu in 1945. The jewelry was hand crafted and some pieces were very limited. Their signature marks are CADORO and CADORO with a copyright symbol. The company suffered the loss of Dan Staneskieu who died in the 1960s and the company ceased trading in 1970. Some say the end of the 70s-80s. This dates the jewelry and makes it limited. Many stars wore their jewelry. Recently the jewelry archives have been opened for sale in limited quantities. From this NYC archive. Many of these pieces are unused stock, runway or one of a kind. This archive is almost empty and such deadstock pieces will not be easily found.