Ciner Earrings and Glam Cuff


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1960s Bracelets Ciner Earrings Vintage Couture and Designer

1960s Ciner signed earrings and unsigned glam green and rhinestone cuff. The cuff is in excellent condition and appears to be unsigned Ciner due to its design and style.  These were found as a set and I do think they are both Ciner. The earrings are in very good condition with some mild age to a few stones. On one stone at of the earring it has greened but is not see on as it points upwards and is small.  Cuff is 7″ around and about 1″ wide. Earrings measure about 1.85″ long X 1.5″ long.

Glam Ciner 1960s Ciner Ciner Earrings and Cuff 1960s Ciner parure DSC_0268 60s Bracelet Ciner Earrings and Cuff 60s Ciner bracelet Ciner signed earrings


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