Early Maison Gripoix for Chanel Brooch


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Fine old Maison Gripoix for Chanel brooch, unsigned gilt. Circa 1930s-60s. Great example of the pearl and colors Chanel was known for, and pretty work by the Gripoix studio. Translucent construction. Dripped glass. Lovely Byzantine influenced design. From the personal collection of Polly Mellen. Polly’s iconic work at Vogue is part of fashion history! Polly who is still active in her 90s purchased this piece quite a while ago. Comes in an older Chanel box, but probably not the original box. A letter of provenance may be acquired upon request and signed by Polly. Missing one stone, possibly two tiny ones in that area at the top. Slight bend to that area possibly occurring when stone was lost. Can be used as a pendant due to hook.  Size 3″ long x 2″ wide.