Taxco Bakelite Bracelet/ Sterling Cuff


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Early signed taxco cuff without the eagle mark it seems but in between it appears to have an eagle 20 or number. This indicates a date of anywhere from 1900-1948 if it is the early eagle and the 50s-80s for the later. Per the design it is probably right around the late 1950s. There is the possibility the 2 is part of the sterling purity mark as well and there is no eagle again which would put it in the 1940s. Even with a loop it is extremely hard to read. So I can’t say it is the 20 for Los Ballestros because there is no signature as well.  I think these are bakelite. I have seen an almost identical example by Los Ballesteros, but again it is marked somewhat illegibly. The thin black cabochons add a classic flair to the already pretty and chunky piece. The piece is hollow in construction and snaps with an old button closure. Chain is still intact. Mark reads Sterling 925 Hecho en Mexico then finally on its own centralized TAXCO. Condition is very good with minor tarnish and fine wear to finish, working well, closes tightly (in the clasp pic it is slightly open) and a few finely rubbed area to the last onyx piece from wear. Onyx is tight and not loose. Great early piece for collection or wearability! 2″ 8mm W X 2″ 5mm L Fits my 6″ wrist perfectly.

taxco signature taxco mexican bracelet1 scuff detail taxco closure taxco 40s cuff taxco hinge detail

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