Edwardian Asian Ojime Bead Belt


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Early 20th century ojime bead belt featuring cinnabar, lacquer, resin, bone, and another composite I can’t identify. Circa 1910-1920s. Collectors of Arts and Crafts or 20s accessories may find this interesting. Most likely more of interest to the accessories collector as I do feel the bulk of the ojime used were made for the western market. That said it is a rare find of deco art. The colors are deep and rich.  The brown material that the accents and buckles are made of may be tortoise or possibly celluloid.  I have never seen such a belt.   It is strung on elastic fiber which is not quite as tight as it originally was but is not weak. The original use of the ojime bead was for the Japanese to carry their possessions in the inro, which was a kind of external pocket tied to the kimono sash. The ojime bead was used to secure the opening of the inro. Fine ojime beads-while there maybe one or two here were more detailed. These beads may never have been used on the inro, possibly produced as decorative ojime for the western market to make necklaces or other ornamentations from.  Could be a mix of qualities. Liberty’s of London sold such items at the turn of the century. Length is a bit over 40″ and it could also be worn as a necklace. Beads are in very good condition.

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