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British (Birmingham) Sterling late Edwardian serpent wrap bracelet. It is marked with a small e in the circular stamp which dates it to 1919. (So by the definition of Edwardian as past Edward’s death to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919). Stunning flexible sterling snake is wrapped around the arm, up the forearm- from the wrist starting with the head. It is also unwrapped head first. The piece can be slightly bent to fit when on. It was comfortable with the head peaking out of my wrist onto the beginning of the hand. The under side is a sort of u shape and medium thickness allowing for that bit of flex. It then coils around. A rare find and stunning statement piece. The entire mark reads an EU, e, an anchor, the lion, and the lady in profile. Very much with the early Bohemian aesthetic.
Total uncoiled length 10″. A rough medium for the beginning wrap is 7″ around from the snake head to middle of first coil. The middle this is slightly larger. The model measurements are a wrist of about 6 1/4″ (with the flex there was room to move it up a bit or down) and a forearm where the snake ends of about 9. Again with flex if your forearm is smaller then it could be pushed inward. I would say a measurement much over 9″ in that area wouldn’t work.

Snake Bracelet Edwardian Snake Bracelet Sterling Serpent cuff sterling snake bracelet British Birmingham Sterling snake wrap bracelet


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