Exceptional vintage 900 silver Egyptian signed large cuffs with slits that flex over the hand, a bit, to allow one to slip them on.  The first mark seems to read: 900 Silver content, the a flower hallmark possibly? I think these are a pair by famous Bedouin jeweler Mohamed El Mekkawi. Identical uses of vegetal and astral motifs and styles he used. The last script is the Arabic date code, which I cannot quite make out- but appears to be a waved line and dot above it on the right upper corner. 467 grams of 900 silver total for the pair. From an important estate collection of vintage jewelry that featured many Egyptian pieces, including ancient documented Egyptian jewelry.  The design and look are stunning in person and quite a chic statement. Since I cannot read the date mark, my best estimate is 1920s, just to be on the safe side. Appear to have two makers marks that are matching and were made together by the same artist. I love the large rounded riveted stud like details. Each: 2.65″ wide diameter opening. About 7.65″ around with the opening 8″ total circumference.  3″ wide. From the Siwa area, a relatively remote Oasis known for the silver jewelry. No real access until the 1980s when a larger road was put into the region. Such pieces were worn by for weddings. Unique large examples of the authentic Bedouin work.

Egyptian Cuffs Vintage 1970s Egyptian Silver Egyptian Hallmarks Vintage Egyptian Bracelets Egyptian Silver maker vintage Egyptian hallmark


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