Hopi Turquoise Cuff/ Michael Dukepoo


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Gorgeous example of award winning (Hopi /Yaqui) artist Michael Dukepoo jewelry. He works often with his wife Causandra (Taos Pueblo/Tewa), who also studied jewelry design. So, I am not sure if this is one he did alone or together with his wife. Michael was educated at the Institute of American Indian Art and the University of New Mexico. He learned from his father Na Na Ping, also a silversmith of renown.  This example has a great hand made design and quality materials like turquoise, bone, sugilite, lapis, and sterling. Signed. Circa late 90s-2000s.  Condition is excellent, from a southwestern collection. Length 6 7/8x opening 1 1/4 x width 3/4 inches.