Men's 1940s Pilot Wings Bracelet


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1940s Art Deco Bracelets Men's Jewelry

Vintage winged initial sterling bracelet with intricate chain.  The piece has elaborate scrolled letters which are almost abstract and may read JS, SS, or GS.  They have the appearance of vines.  The wings and center pendant are thicker in weight and well done stamped sterling.  It is constructed of  two copper links on either side of the plaque attaching it to the sterling chain. Condition is excellent with mild tarnish and fine wear.  Size 7.60″ long bracelet.  Wings 3″ X about .80″wide.  Circa 1940s…. appears to be a set of WW2 era U.S. Army Pilot wings made into a bracelet. These wings were made into bracelets for sweethearts or those waiting at home or used by the airmen themselves after the war. Very nice example.

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