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We are committed to a product made with love and care, Sarara Couture’s denim bag features a stock of some of the last denim made by the American denim mill, White Oak that is closing in North Carolina.  The mill was named for a 100 year old oak tree and gathering place in Greensboro.  When the brand was acquired, they redirected production overseas and closed the flagship mill. Why is this important? No one else makes it here…This is the end of over 120 years of American made denim textiles. When the bag was designed the intention was to use American made denim in the full production, then we found out White Oak was closing…. True indigo dyed denim is beautiful. Many of the jeans vintage collectors and wears own were made on those looms.

This denim was created on loom from the 1940s. We wanted to bring attention to this history and celebrate the beauty of American made natural indigo denim.  Our tote was design and engineered here in the USA by us and we are offering it in black leather, red see through pvc, leopard and this special cache of denim. The denim will be a limited run. After this run we will a 100 in yarn spun denim made here from White Oak, darker color, non indigo.

Our Denim Tote was made using: Authentic Cone Denim woven at the Historic White Oak Mill in Greensboro N.C. Dyed with 100% Natural Indigo grown in the USA.


I could write volumes on this, and to say we are now stuck outsourcing “American Pie” aka a very American product from now on, is sad to say the least. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it fall?  You can read more about this story here:

New York Times


White Oak History

Who Killed White Oak

Denim history link


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