This color and set is stunning! It is a sort of teal green and really pops on the body. This set design is a book piece, I have seen versions of this in a confetti dark blue, turquoise as well as a black enamel. Never in this color, although it exists. The bracelet is a large design and in excellent condition with some tarnish. The necklace is perfect except for one tiny area of enamel loss in a straight line on the front left pendant. I think the range on this piece according to the marks being circular is 1955-1978, but the silhouetted eagle being used only until the very early 70s. I believe this is from the mid 50s. The number could probably narrow that down.

The set is marked and numbered:
Margot de Taxco all caps in various locations-
Bracelet: one circle made in mexico sterling/ other circle-Margot de Taxco eagle 16 in the middle. Both are right next to each other on the same link with the number 5384.
Necklace: sterling made in mexico eagle 16 on one pendant/ Margot de Taxco, 5384

MEASUREMENTS: Necklace each of the sides measures 7 the pendant 2 for a combined wearing length of 16″
Pendant is about 4″ long combined by 1 3/4″ wide.
The bracelet is 7″ around and the design 2″ X 2″ around.
Condition: The only flaw in the set is an area of enamel loss 1 line that is about 1 mm thick by 4 mm long, then another 3 mm long by 1 mm thick-see image. The loss/ fissure is stable.
It also has some tarnish to the sterling overall. *There is one old screw back earring I will include.

Margot Van Voorhies Carr worked and was married to legendary silversmith Antonio Castillo. She worked with his shop until they separated. She opened her own shop Margot de Taxco in 1948. Her shop closed in 1978. Margot was a very interesting and talented woman supporting herself at a time when this was not the norm. She was from San Francisco originally but relocated to Taxco, Mexico. Her designs were innovative and she is known for them and what she added to the tradition. She is famous for her enamel and silver combinations. Her marks were the earliest and rarest a 1 with other factors of course and the 16 as seen in this piece.

teal color Taxco set Margot set margot mark DSCN1534 Necklace signature Earring signature