Trifari Talisman Alfred Philippe Pin


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1940s Sold Archive Trifari

Signed circa 1947-1948 Trifari Talisman set. The patent appears to be 1948, but an image in Harper’s Bazaar suggests it came out earlier in 1947. The fur clip and earrings were designed by Alfred Philippe.  These are very rare as a set in the blue. This beautiful clip has cabochons with blue, red, green, and clear rhinestones. It measures 3 1/4″ long and is signed Trifari Sterling, Pat Pending. I think this one may have had a gold wash, but it’s finish has faded making it look a uniform sterling at first glance. Appears almost a faded uniform matte gold in some lighting. All the rhinestones are present.

Trifari Talisman Brooch and Earrings 40s Talisman Earrings Alfred Phillipe Vintage Trifari 40s Trifari Talisman setTrifari Talisman ad 1947


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