Yves Saint Laurent 1970s Bow Bag


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This lush blue bow and soft velvet vintage YSL  bag is a rare find, authentic and has the Yves Saint Laurent, made in France plaque inside. Circa 1970s-early 80s. Dating most likely from 1976-77. It’s combination of black velvet and a bow can be seen in the Russian collection aesthetic and Gypsy looks of this era. The black woven handle string used on this bag is very similar, if not the same as other “Russian” bags I have seen.  He used the bow and velvet motif again in the 1979-80 couture collection.  The bag is in excellent condition with minor wear to a bit of the velvet in the corner area less than a few mm. A small indention in the corner bottom very small. Clam shape intact and velvet is overall very very good. See images as all noticeable condition shown. Inside is clean.  A slice of fashion history in a fun little package.  7″ tall x 8″ wide. Handle is 21″ long. YSL Russian Bag 1970s YSL Bag Vintage YSL velvet velvet black velvet bag Yves Saint Laurent bow bag


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