Sunday Jewelry Report Card: All Tied Up in the Jewelry Art of Neon Zinn


It’s that time again, but instead of a work day for many, tomorrow we have a holiday of sorts…so enjoy that cup of coffee knowing the next day can involve house slippers!  We have decided to hand out our Sunday jewelry report card to to a designer that is all about color, texture, and most importantly process. So wake up!  I noticed his work a few years ago at fashion week while we where shooting street style. I thought, wow who did these oversized almost body style pieces? Well, you know I like a good piece of body jewelry, so I investigated. His scale ranges from collars to large complex pieces, which I love. The way the artist embraces color is inspiring. Some of the pure beauty of his work is due to the fact that he has his hands on all the moving parts. He dyes the rope and creates a kaleidoscope of hues.  His necklaces are made from cotton yarn and different fibers, which are comfortable to wear.

Elle Magazine. South Africa.

New Orleans based Seth Damm is the creator of the line, and he started much like true artists do…experimenting and coming into his own with this medium. His past experience had been in installation, printmaking, and painting, but this all started with a box of rope and a jewelry show in a friend’s gallery.   Featured in Marie Claire Italy and Elle Decor, one begins to understand that there are more layers to his work than what the label “jewelry” can describe.  

Customization: um yeah its what everyone wants that now and after exploring his site, I found he offers it and treats his shop like a gallery of sorts. Very intriguing, click here for more info. 

Currently, one can see that his new designs are taking him more into the realm of body and adornment, and I for one am excited! Why is he one to follow on instagram? Color, creativity, and inspiration. Need I say more?  But I will- his shop and account are full of breath taking hues that he conjures up daily.

Why we love the Neon Zinn on Instagram


Pieces We Want NOW:

*All images belong to Neon Zinn via the website and instagram. 

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