Sunday Jewelry Report Card: Pop Jewelry and Ashley Longshore


Whose got one of the funniest and most enjoyable well accessorized accounts on instagram?  She throws humor, pussy power, sparkle, artistic talent, and an unapologetic love for the F word (something we have in common) into this mix! We share a name and a southern background…Have you guessed who she is yet? Sunday’s report card takes us to beautiful New Orleans where living is king and Sarah Ashley Longshore is the Queen of color.  A friend turned me onto her instagram page a while ago, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon this fuck loving, over the top accessorized, pusher of envelopes, pop art, life loving woman.  I admire her voice and support of artists, an her emphasis on women in art. She oozes skittles and red lipstick.  She plays with gender, fashion iconography, flowers, butterflies, stereotypes, throws in the strength of Frida and blends them up in her remarkable mind. Her work is collected by celebrities, she’s been covered in Vogue and other publications. Her subjects are current and past celebrating themes like Audrey Hepburn, but they all speak the same language of sparkle, color, and meaning. She at plays with the idea of status and money, while at once exploring our culture’s fascination with symbols of power in her Trophy series. Some of her most instagrammed works might be her fashion icons like Kate Moss and Anna Wintour, because after all her account does say “Repost this shit. I don’t give a ” ( fill in the blank, yep it starts with an F). I also see a sort of rebellion associated with being a southern woman, from red lipstick to cursing that I relate to personally. I think that is why she has something that people relate to personally for different reasons. Find out the answer to what an “Artgasm” is here.

What’s Ashley got to do with Accessories? EVERYTHING. Her art is as accessorized as she is! The thing is I’ve been watching the way she wears over the top jewelry and sunglasses since day one.  I thought, ‘hey look at that huge agate 80s style hip hop necklace’. What about her signature ring, that then became a middle finger sculpture.  Not to mention, a huge candy CC necklace that might crush you if worn the wrong way.   I expect to see more from her in terms of accessories mayhem, and her partnership creating a sparkly lipstick bag with Judith Leiber is only the beginning. She has bags in her online shop and at Forty Five Ten, and I imagine more in the works. I have so many questions for Ashley like, “When is your eyewear collection coming out?”, “What is the biggest piece of jewelry you own?” on and on and on!

Evidence for her Love of Jewelry/Accessories:  EXHIBIT A


She’s one to follow and watch because she is a trailblazer who became the first solo female exhibition in the history of Bergdorfs, realizing her worth and parlaying her meeting with them into not a shared show, but her own.  She has redefined how to be successful as an artist, using social media like a baller.  She also has an eye for the newest sensations like Nadine Ghosn’s hamburger ring and Namilia’s pussy fanny pack.  Adding author to her list with her book You Don’t Look Fat You Look Crazy, what’s not to like?   So if you aren’t on the Ashley train yet, she’s someone who is guaranteed to make your feed glow, make you smile, and yearn for an accessories fix. Her accolades and press are stacking up so for more on her art and accessories check out her site.

What We Want (besides all of her paintings):

Because we just want to carry this around.

Her lipstick bag from Judith Leiber!

Why We Love Her Instagram

*All images from Ashley Longshore’s website and instagram account, rights are hers.


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