I am fascinated with the beliefs of various cultures concerning, luck, birth, animal spirits, and the notions of an afterlife. People looked to the skies early on and began to tell the stories behind them. Constellations like Orion came to life in their oral stories and art. Star iconography is ancient. Thus, my cassiopeia earrings were born out of a whimsical approach to the star. My best selling good luck eye earrings come from a deep rooted association of eyes with sight and good luck. Symbols concerning the evil eye are particularly interesting to me. I associate the eye, with the hand of Fatima, the notion of the third eye, and fortune tellers.

The Snake is in itself one of my favorite elements. For thousands of years the iconography of the snake has meant everything from creation to eternity and is present in almost all cultures. The aboriginals believe the rainbow serpent is a creator, christians see the snake as symbol of temptation. To the ancient Egyptians creation was associated with a many coiled snake, Mehen a deity of protection. Serpents were intermediaries between the spirit and our world for some, they were associated with water, rebirth, fertility, and healing for others. There is an Aztec goddess called Coatlicue or the one with a skirt of serpents. I have no fear of snakes myself, and am fascinated by the female snake charmers of the early circus.