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Fashion Week Accessories Street Style 2016- Personal Favorites!

I’ve already wrapped up our street style and SS 2016 accessories forecast report for New York on and off the runway…. However; I really couldn’t get enough of street style this season, so I decided to conclude my accessories inspiration extravaganza with some of my favorite looks as shot by the lovely Hannan Saleh, for us at Sarara Couture.  

Fashion Polar Vortex: Accessories, Street Style, Fashion Celebs and NYFW 2015

Love this NYFW-Fall/Winter 2015 street style image by Hannan Saleh. So very Fashion week meets Sex in the City.....

Love this NYFW-Fall/Winter 2015 street style image by Hannan Saleh. So very Fashion week meets Sex in the City…..

With the what feels like longest February ever, which still has not totally thawed and a freezing fashion week behind us in New York, I wanted to do a post on all of the looks caught via Hannan Saleh’s lens.  Not just the current and coming trends, but the creative looks seen on the streets during this NYFW FW 2015. She snapped the style of well known attendees, from bloggers, editors to models- like Man Repeller, Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment, Susie Bubble, Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar, Eva Chen of Lucky, Gigi Hadid, as well as Zanna Roberts Rassi and Nina Garcia as they zipped in and out of the shows. Too many really, to list, but you will recognize many fashion faces below! Hannan is becoming known for her street fashion photos. She has a keen eye and is a quick shot. There are definitely lots of winter colors, coats, bags, scarves, glasses, shoes and hat inspiration. These ideas can most definitely be used as we ride out the last cold weeks of winter into spring. And the bags and sunglasses well, those are fair game all year!

Hannan Saleh, street style image.

Hannan Saleh, street style image.





Not to mention most of those accessories can be applied next winter, as the looks worn by many were in the spirit of the season being shown on the runways aka Fall/Winter 2015. Besides, The Cut, just awarded their best looks to winners and gave out the peacock award, so it seemed like there was a window to talk street style again! I’ve tried to compile a series of her images, that I know you’ll enjoy and items I’d love to wear. (*All images Hannan Saleh, rights reserved). They capture perfectly the spirit of New York fashion week -so without further ado- Who would you choose for best accessories? Hit the Continue Reading link below to see the complete slideshow!