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The Met, Madonna, Jewelry, Fashion, and the Catholic Imagination.

The Met, Madonna, Jewelry, Fashion, and the Catholic Imagination.

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This evening is the first Monday in May, when the Met Gala is held and the Costume institute opens one of the largest exhibits its ever devised, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. After reported multiple negotiations between Anna Wintour and the Vatican, the exhibit was deemed a go and as of today we will all […]

Brazilian Jewelry History(Joias de Crioulas): The Balangandán and the Charms of Bahia

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One of the things I loved about teaching anthropology at Scad, was exploring adornment and culture. The students loved learning more about how material culture gives us clues about our belief systems and diverse histories.  In this case, anthropology opened up a discourse concerning diversity, status, gender, and jewelry.  My training was in indigenous cultures […]

MontageArt: Abstract Portrait of a Brazilian Fashion Jeweler

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I have a deep love for the way in which Brazilian artists and designers see the world. Having studied 5 years in Brazil, I was able to get a sense of fashion trends, learn about popular fashion designers, take in how they interpret popular and folk cultural inspirations and follow their fashion week coverage.