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Sunday Jewelry Report: A Class In Jewelry Design

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Today’s jewelry report card focuses on a relatively new designer, whose pieces are a class in how to push boundaries in jewelry design. I hope that this is a Sunday read that will wake you up and get your jewelry juices flowing! Veronica Fabian gets an A++ from us for her innovative yet well designed […]

Sunday Report Card: Modern Magic at Cyril Jewelry

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Today’s jewelry report card is about discovering something new. We’ve chosen this artist’s jewelry account to follow for a few reasons. There is something a little entrancing, almost enchanting about the work of New York based jewelry designer Leila Du Mond of Cyril Studio.  Launched in 2017, it is a new brand, with tons of […]

Jewelry Mathematics: Sunday with Yoko Takirai

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It may be hard to believe, but I am a modernist-maximalist, no maximalist modernist, no….anyway once again we find ourselves in a Sunday state of mind. Ready to give our A++ to a new designer and instagram account we recently discovered and love. So grab your coffee and get ready!  Today’s jewelry report card goes […]