Blogger Grace Atwood Gives Us Her Accessories Low Down

blogger grace atwood blue ruffle red chanel bag

Blogger Grace Atwood of The Stripe, based in Brooklyn New York, serves us style on her blog offering up wearable, fun, and slightly sweet, yet fashion-forward options. As a rounded modern woman, she touches on beauty tips, books, and travel. So, how about her accessories taste? Well let’s just say that the BK blogger likes a good bag. She can often be spotted sporting a great Chanel piece or one of her latest handbag discoveries.

blogger grace atwood orange cross body bag

Is there a certain style of jewelry you find yourself gravitating towards?

Right now I’m all about a great statement earring or a bold cuff. When it’s really hot I have a hard time with necklaces, especially chokers. I love how they look but when it’s hot I just can’t do it. Right now I love a bold earring in a solid color (turquoise, cobalt blue, red) or solid gold/brass. It’s the perfect, easy way to add a bit of color to a little white dress. I also love just doing all gold. I have these gold oversized vintage Chanel drops that I bought last year and they’re one of my proudest purchases. Those + an armful of bangles = all you need to dress up any outfit.

Vintage jewelry seems to be a key component of your wardrobe, is that fair to say?
Also, what era or type of jewelry are you drawn to?

Absolutely. I am incredibly fortunate in that my grandmother the most amazing
collection of vintage jewelry. Pieces that she bought in the fifties and sixties but
also things that had been passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. Over the years my mom and aunts have given several pieces to me….

I have a few really special pieces of fine jewelry – an aquamarine bracelet from Tiffany’s that I wear on special occasions, a diamond ring and some really beautiful old Mexican silver pieces… but it’s actually the costume jewelry that I obsess over. I’m always
amazed by how fantastic the quality is. Costume jewelry just isn’t what it once was.
Back then, even a piece from Monet (which is still around and sold at Macy’s) would
last and last for years to come. Actually, my favorite necklace in the world is long
brass box chain necklace that was my grandmother’s. It’s vintage Monet!

In terms of an era, I’ve always loved the twenties (art deco is just the best for a
big night) but lately I have been obsessed with the fifties and early sixties. Old
Hollywood, the women Slim Aarons photographed… The Beverly Hills Hotel + Palm
Springs glamour… it’s everything!

blogger grace atwood oversized woven pom pom bag

What is one of your favorite pieces of personal jewelry, where is it from, and why
is it one of your favorites?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite but I would say it’s an art deco diamond ring from
the twenties. I bought it for myself (technically it was listed as an engagement
ring?) but I wear it almost all the time on my right hand. It’s one of my favorite
pieces not just because it’s so beautiful (like I said earlier, nothing compares to
the art deco pieces of the twenties) but also because I bought it for myself after a
good year… every time I look at it I feel like a bit of a boss for buying myself a
diamond ring.

Do you have a piece of jewelry that is sort of your go to?

A gold bangle from Julie Vos. It’s so simple but looks gorgeous with a tan and adds
a glamorous little touch to all my summer dresses. I have two of them – one with a
clear stone and another in pale blue. I am a freak about clutter but I always leave
one of them out so that I remember to wear it if I am running out the door and don’t
have on any jewelry.

Check out some of Grace’s current accessories picks:

Big Earrings Are Big Again, as Seen in New York Fashion Week Street Style

big earrings nyfw 01

My big earrings walk into a room before I do. So I was happy to see “earringpalooza” during this New York Fashion Week SS18. In fact, they might have gotten even bigger than they were last season! Don’t put those shoulder dusters away just yet. We photographed some captivating examples and lust-worthy pieces outside the shows that prove a good pair of oversized earrings can go a long way.

big earrings nyfw 02 big earrings nyfw 03 big earrings nyfw 04 big earrings nyfw 05 big earrings nyfw 06 big earrings nyfw 07 big earrings nyfw 08 big earrings nyfw 09 big earrings nyfw 10 big earrings nyfw 11 big earrings nyfw 12 big earrings nyfw 13 big earrings nyfw 14 big earrings nyfw 15 big earrings nyfw 16 big earrings nyfw 17

All images but the last 6 taken are by Hannan Saleh, the final photos are by Rachel Guillaume for Sarara Couture.


What’s the best of worst thing about wearing statement accessories like big earrings?

NY Fashion Week 2017: Bright Colors, Bold Boots & Big Hoops / Rachel


It’s all about personality for the attendees of the Spring/Summer 2018 shows and since these stars know what’s on the outside counts too, they brought us a feast of accessories! Thigh high boots, corset belts, big earrings, boxy carriers, red, red and more red lit up the lens as Rachel Guillaume hit the streets for New York Fashion Week 2017. Scroll down to see who she snapped wearing what!

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 17

Caroline Vreeland and Bff proving thigh high boots are a thing…


ny fashion week 2017 accessories 16

Dana Bondhardware Jewelry.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 15

Sita Abelian showing us big earrings and gold do match blue quite well.

Shaun in all blue.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 14

DeJLoaf in simple accessories, great combat green, and with her hair game on point.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 13

Karli Kloss with a pop of color via her deep red bag!

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 12

@Dear.Ratner SS 18 street style.

@Inspadesblog working a femme fatale moment.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 11

@givenoflamingos in the cutest color palette.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 10 ny fashion week 2017 accessories 09 ny fashion week 2017 accessories 08

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 07

I’m pretty sure these are Lynn Ban’s wearing these boots, with Sita wearing the white ones.

Bing Wilton in her signature easy cross body fanny style bag!

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 06

Eva Chen in citrus up to her sunnies.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 05

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 04

@Marinaingvarsson sporting major modern lines!

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 03

@Lifeinbeverlyheels making me want more Gucci.

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 02

ny fashion week 2017 accessories 01


Which Fashion Week 2017 street style accessory would you wear?

All the Hard Bags and Street Easy Looks from NYFW SS 18 / Hannan

Once again we are bringing you one of the most complete selections of fashion week street style jewelry and accessories. Shot by contributors Rachel and Hannan—New York City photographers with their own styles and a sense for which accessories are camera-worthy—this season we captured hard bags, feathers, colors, denim, earrings that got even bigger.  These statement accessories continue to be elements helping light up the city streets.

This round I wanted to show more images and less words. We’ve packed this post full of structured carriers, shoes, earrings, necklaces, rings and more. Our contributors snapped fashion influencers, editors, stylists, other photographers, and show-goers. Street style is a great predictor of things to come. It can be shocking, beautiful, unique, and inspirational, but never boring!

Susie Bubble in rainbow technicolor:)

Snapped by Hannan she is wearing Chanel bracelet and Lynn Ban Rings.

Elizabeth Savetsky, of Excessories Expert, in white boots and chic long earrings, actually white boots were all over fashion week.

hard bags 09 nyfw ss18 street style

Vintage inspired Large Ark Bamboo Satchel and chic modern style rings.

hard bags 08 nyfw ss18 street style

hard bags 07 nyfw ss18 street style

The Eye Travels…Samantha Angelo in red.

hard bags 06 nyfw ss18 street style

Susie Bubble in pink!

Man Repeller’s Leandra in Customized Black Bulgari Serpenti Watch.

Caroline Vreeland.

hard bags 05 nyfw ss18 street style

hard bags 04 nyfw ss18 street style hard bag 03 nyfw ss18 street style hard bags 02 nyfw ss18 street style hard bags 01 nyfw ss18 street style


What would be your statement piece for a NYFW street style ensemble?