Sunday Jewelry Report Card: Fred Leighton, Glamourous Jewelry Destination

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Today’s jewelry report card I wanted to revisit my trip to Fred Leighton in New York. The iconic store has been around since its 1970s inception when it was an eclectic and chic boutique. I first visited and posted on the shop’s gorgeous diamond and antique babbles in 2015 during the earlier years of the […]

Brazilian Jewelry History(Joias de Crioulas): The Balangandán and the Charms of Bahia

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One of the things I loved about teaching anthropology at Scad, was exploring adornment and culture. The students loved learning more about how material culture gives us clues about our belief systems and diverse histories.  In this case, anthropology opened up a discourse concerning diversity, status, gender, and jewelry.  My training was in indigenous cultures […]

Happy Chinese New Year! Accessories to Celebrate the Year of the Dog

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This Friday, February 16th is Chinese New Year! And the festive holiday got us thinking about one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They started producing jewelry 5000 years ago! That means traditional Chinese jewelry comes with some seriously deeply rooted cultural influences and religious beliefs—the kind worth celebrating. 1900-1930 Chinese Sterling Silver Enamel Jade […]

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: Minimalism, Jewelry, and Fay Andrada

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  It’s Sunday and we are handing out the report card!  We have chosen our designer and instagram account to follow. Designer Fay Andrada has a grounded authenticity that is admirable in jewelers. She has refined her personal history and skills into a physical representation through her jewelry.  Her experiences as the daughter of an […]

Jewelry Mathematics: Sunday with Yoko Takirai

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It may be hard to believe, but I am a modernist-maximalist, no maximalist modernist, no….anyway once again we find ourselves in a Sunday state of mind. Ready to give our A++ to a new designer and instagram account we recently discovered and love. So grab your coffee and get ready!  Today’s jewelry report card goes […]

Sunday Jewelry Report Card, Italian Style with the Work of Mario Salvucci

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It’s the end of the weekend again and to help take your mind off of the impending threat of Monday, we are bringing you our report card pick. The blog has chosen the work of jewelry artist and designer Mario Salvucci! Mario’s instagram is an interesting blend of beautiful deep hues of navy blacks combined […]

Jewelry Alert, Emerald City: Budget Friendly Alternatives to the Striking Gemstone

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The Golden Globes 2018 gave us a lot, like a rousing speech from Oprah Winfrey while accepting the Golden Globes’ annual Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Female solidarity through a dress code of all black. Celebrities reportedly collaborated on the statement-making all black color scheme in December, but we’re wondering if there weren’t also whispers […]

Sunday Funday with the Jewelry of Annelise Michelson

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Each Sunday we pick a jewelry or accessories minded shop or instagram account and give them our jewelry report card!  It’s that time again… so grab a glass of wine and join us in France… The instagram account that most inspired us this week belongs to A++ jewelry designer Annelise Michelson.  Firstly, Annelise’s work walks […]

The Best Bling from the Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet Blackout

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Celebrities are usually out to make a fashion statement when they walk the red carpet. But, for the Golden Globes 2018 tv and movie stars, as well as other notable names, used fashion to make a statement. Being called the the “blackout“, female and male attendees wore black in protest for equal rights and solidarity with […]

Jewelry Report Card:The Enchanted Jewels of Anabela Chan

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Sunday’s jewelry report card is a time when we crown our favorite instagram jewelry themed account of the week. We look at influencers, artists… as well as stylists and jewelers. This week the work of Anabela Chan really blew our minds!  Her luxurious approach to the pieces, lush sense of color and how she relates […]